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  • Happy Friday Everyone! We are excited to announce the launch of Beacon Hill Life Sciences in Indianapolis, joining Beacon Hill Technologies! Read all about the details in our news release and have a great weekend!

    Beacon Hill Life Sciences Arrives in Indianapolis

    This month Beacon Hill Life Sciences, Beacon Hill Pharma's Scientific/consumer products focused staffing services division, joined previously established Beacon Hill Technologies in Indianapolis. The newest addition is part of the division's national expansion across the US. Leading Beacon Hill Life Sciences in Indianapolis is Wade Franchville.

  • What's the difference between an accounting job in Chicago and an accounting job in Charlotte? If you're struggling to figure it out, we recommend checking out our article, which covers how to decide whether to move for a new job!

    How to know if you should move to a new city for a job

    How to know if you should move to a new city for a job Whether you're looking for work in another city, or you've received an offer to relocate to another office with your current employer, there's one question you have to ask yourself: Am I prepared to make a significant change in my life?

  • Zzz...Wait, whoa! Don't sleep on Generation Z employees, people! Just to clarify, I wasn't sleeping... I was just meditating... on the "Z" of Gen Z. Now I am mentally prepared to read this article.

    What hiring managers need to know about the first wave of Gen Z employees

    What hiring managers need to know about the first wave of Gen Z employees Generation Z, which represents anyone born from 1997 onward, is ready to enter the workforce. Though the majority of Gen Zers are still in their teens, the oldest members of the generation are now leaving college and looking for work that inspires them.

  • So you had your entire afternoon planned out and maybe even were going to have time to dedicate to a new project, but instead you're stuck mediating a verbal spar between Carl and Janice (Janice thinks Carl stole her leftovers out of the company fridge). Prevent this all by checking out our new article on ways to reduce employee stress!

  • What should you do with your company's data? a) Make new wallpaper for the office; b) Torture interns with busywork; or c) Unsure. If you chose c), check out our new article for ideas!

    How businesses can make better use of their data

    How businesses can make better use of their data We live in a world that is flooded with data. Every action your organization takes produces enormous amounts of useful information. However, taking advantage of all that data is a complicated challenge. Understanding how to use your data to generate value is the first step toward growth.

  • How does this work? What's the objective? Why so many questions? Because, as a new hire, that's one of the best things I can do! Want to learn more? (See, another question!)

    4 things to do in your first month at a new job

    To set yourself up for success at your new job, consider the following tips: Chances are, your new manager will have prepared goals for your first week on the job. These should give you a good idea of what will be expected of you as you ease into the new position.

  • For #TBT, we wanted to share one of our most popular infographics - Questions you may be asked in an administrative assistant interview! If you've already checked it out - how about a second viewing??

    Questions you may be Asked in an Administrative Assistant Interview

    If you land an interview for an administrative assistant position at your dream company, you'll want to spend plenty of time preparing for the big day. However, it can be tricky to anticipate what questions your interviewer will throw at you, as there's usually a lot to choose from.

  • You hired a superstar. Now, how do you make sure she's successful? Check out our new article for tips on how to engage new employees!

    Reducing first-year attrition: 3 tactics to engage new employees

    If you've looked around the office and seen glazed-over eyes and boredom creases marking your employees' faces, you're not alone. According to an annual Gallup poll, 87 percent of global workers are not engaged at work. Disengaged workers are not fully invested in the company's mission and long-term goals.

  • In a rapidly changing economy, it is important to not only hire top talent, but also individuals with the soft skills that will endure the windstorm of inevitable changes. Check out our new article on essential traits to look for in your next hire!

    Hiring for Potential: 3 Personality Traits to Look For

    As the unemployment rate continues to drop to record lows, your organization may find it difficult to identify candidates who align with your talent needs. Identifying key personality traits of effective employees can help hiring managers make informed decisions. When hiring for any position, it's necessary to look beyond each candidate's technical skills.

  • Traveling can be a hassle. Make sure your jetsetting employees are as comfortable as possible by following these tips!

    4 ways to support traveling contract workers

    4 ways to support traveling contract workers According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, American workers make more than 405 million long-distance business trips annually.

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