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  • “I start each day with meditation to clear my mind, and always utilize the Headspace app. This—coupled with fresh air and movement — helps me to daydream, take in my surroundings and think of new creative ideas. Working in the jewelry industry, creativity is at the core of our business, making this app a vital part of my day.”— Beth Gerstein, CEO and co-founder of Brilliant Earth.

    The apps these 15 entrepreneurs can't live without

    Though an entrepreneur may prefer wearing one hat over another, founding your own company and becoming not only your own boss but perhaps, the manager of many - requires most successful business owners to work major overtime.

  • "You don’t have to be a large organization to have an impact. If you’re authentic, persistent, and bring a unique perspective, even a small team can drive significant change and create strong customer and industry awareness." — Beth Gerstein, Co-CEO, Brilliant Earth

    Advice I Wish I Had Before Starting My Business - Experts Weigh In - Mycorporation Blog

    Every entrepreneur has at least one thing they wish they had known before they started their business. If you could give the younger version of your entrepreneurial self one piece of advice, what would it be? 48 small business professionals reveal to us advice they wish they had before they got into business.

  • Lab created diamonds and gems are revolutionizing the jewelry industry & we're excited to be leading this trend! Watch as The Verge summarizes the process of creating stones in the lab, and speaks with our co-CEO, Beth:

    How science could replace the whole diamond industry

    Diamonds, we're told, are a girl's best friend. They're rare, they're valuable, they're unique. So what happens now that we can make artificial ones that are just as good as the real thing?

  • We're excited to announce our continued partnership with DDI, by "offer[ing] crucial services for youth and alternative education for women and men, outside of the mining world." Best of luck to our students in their studies!

    Brilliant Earth Continues Partnership With DDI For Artisanal Education | GEMKonnect

    The DDI's mobile schools have brought education to artisanalmining communities The Diamond Development Initiative (DDI) announced the continuation of its partnership with Brilliant Earth, the San Francisco-based jewellery company that sells responsibly sourced jewellery, to bring education to artisanal mining communities.

  • Brilliant Earth as a brand encompasses the values important to "corpsumers" - "efficiency, transparency and personalization" read more about Millennials' impact on the wedding industry, according to Beth Gerstein and Forbes --

    Millennials Shaking Up The Wedding Industry

    Millennials get married in fewer numbers and later in life than previous generations. They also have different views of the institution than their parents, which lead to different expectations for the registry, honeymoon and wedding day. These generational differences are having an impact on the wedding industry, and which will only shift more as Gen Z gets older.

  • "The biggest lesson I’ve learned throughout the years is that I can handle much more than I expected – and that a dedicated, smart team can get you through all sorts of unexpected challenges." - Beth Gerstein, Brilliant Earth co-CEO

    Beth Gerstein: Changing The World One Diamond At A Time

    The life of an entrepreneur entails constant setbacks. It's not about one major setback, but a continual stream of challenges that you have to tackle. The biggest lesson I've learned throughout the years is that I can handle much more than I expected.

  • Brilliant Earth's Marketing team, highlighted in Small Business Trends, stays abreast of the industry best practices, embracing new and innovative approaches to digital marketing and user experience.
    Apply to join this highly successful team!

    6 Online Copywriting Strategies for Content Marketing Success

    Copywriting can be overwhelming. It's extremely time consuming, and it requires consistency and a solid strategy. Without those three key elements, your content marketing could fail. The most important one-and the one we'll discuss here-is strategy. You can find someone on your team to write content for your business, or you can outsource the work to a freelancer relatively easily.

  • "As a female CEO in the historically male-dominated jewelry industry, Gerstein is committed to providing advancement opportunities for women in the workplace." Read more about what has propelled her to success --

    Female Leadership Is On The Rise. Here's The Lessons Learned That Will Help You Get To The C-Suite

    As the invitation-only Forbes 2018 Women's Summit got underway in New York today, it seemed like the perfect time to share some of the latest research on female leadership. First the good news.

  • On this World Day Against Child Labor, we celebrate our brilliant students who are entering their first year of high school, during which we are funding school fees, school supplies, and a daily meal.

    Brilliant Earth Supports High School Students in the DRC | Brilliant Earth

    The students of a primary school we started with Diamond Development Initiative in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) are taking the next step: They're going to high school. But we're not saying au revoir to them just yet. We're continuing our support for these students as they begin their quest for a high school diploma.

  • Read how we are utilizing Everledger to ease the "common concerns over gems' origin and authenticity" --

    Blockchain Technology is Gaining Ground - But Not Where You'd Expect

    When blockchain first started to capture global attention, everyone predicted it would take the world by storm, disrupting major industries starting with finance. Since then, we've come to realize that progress has been slower than we initially anticipated, not to say there hasn't been any.

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