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  • You ask: “Who is Cisco, really?”
    Our answer: "We are many things. But mostly, #WeAreCisco"

    We Are . . . Cisco!

    WeAreCisco, and we are (and are not!) a lot of things. Words are powerful, so here are the words that describe us best. Join us!

  • Can't stop, won't stop! �� Marie shares her internship experience, and tells us why she came back for more!

    My first internship experience with Cisco (Hint: I came back for more!)

    Life At Cisco My father gave me many gifts over the years, but one of the greatest was sharing his passion for sales. Many times you hear that children don't wish to follow in their parent's footsteps, but for me - it was something I knew would always happen as I discovered at the age of 16 that I was passionate about this industry too.

  • Rafael dreamed of working at Cisco as a young boy growing up in the Dominican Republic.
    Read about how he made his dream come true! ��

    I Grew Up Wanting to Work for Cisco - Now, I Do!

    Life At Cisco Growing up in the Dominican Republic, Cisco was the only company I saw for home internet routers, switches, and phones. As I made my way through life their familiar logo was always there, and it began to really catch my attention as I noticed it was attached to networking trainings and career paths as well!

  • Cisconians are always showing how they care for each other, and this New Year Lori shares 4 simple ways to keep the kindness going!

    4 Ways to Show Your Co-Workers You Care in the New Year

    Life At Cisco This post is for all of my fellow Cisconians - my tribe. The coffee zombies, the zens, the specialists, the innovators, and more. You know who you are. I spend more time with many of you (whether virtual or face-to-face) than I do with almost anyone else in my life.

  • Our Customer Experience team loves to give back! See how they use Cisco's Time2Give to connect everyone on the team ��

    How Time2Give Connects the Customer Experience Strategy Team

    Life At Cisco In the Customer Experience (CX) Strategy & Portfolio Team, our foundational belief is that what we do at Cisco is important, but that it should never overshadow the value of who we are as people. This belief has even inspired a team tradition!

  • Who likes our new #WeAreCisco graphic?
    You can thank Sydney Cisconian Holly O. - her design won a company-wide employee contest & will soon be available on items in the @CiscoStore!

    Read about her experience in today's blog.

    Creative Techies: Designing the New #WeAreCisco Graphic

    Life At Cisco What does the word "techie", "engineer" or "coder" mean to you? Likely, you have a general definition of the people in those roles. But I'm here to assure you that Cisco employees aren't only engineers, coders, marketers, innovators, or financiers - we are also amazingly creative people!

  • Employee Savita A. thought she'd never stay at a company for more than 3 years. 11 years later, she's still at Cisco, reinventing herself with different roles in IT and continuing to learn! :)

    11 Years Of Learning and Growth at Cisco, and More to Come!

    Life At Cisco Looking back on the past two decades, I can clearly divide my professional experience into two phases: 10 years pre-Cisco and, the decade I'm currently in, all things Cisco. Before Cisco, I worked at five different companies, with my longest stretch being three years spent at Oracle.

  • Cisconian, Kenn D. shares why he loves working in Cisco's Public Sector Marketing and how they Give Back by picking up roadside litter.

    Litter: The Real Fabric of our Lives?

    Life At Cisco Every year, Cisco gives each employee 40 hours (an entire work week!) to volunteer, and we can use all of it at once or just a few hours here and there throughout the year.

  • 12 months. 12 habits. Cisco employee Greg G. shares his biggest takeaways from Habits of Heroes.

    5 Lessons from the 12 Habits of Heroes

    Life At Cisco 12 months. 12 habits. It takes about 30 days to change a bad habit or start a good habit. That's why I'm so glad that my team and I (that's a total of 41 engineers) invested in the year-long process through Habits of Heroes that not only enhanced our ability to be able to better coach and mentor our employees, but also empowered us in ways we didn't quite expect to help those in need.

  • ���� Read how Brielle's pup Tucker brings joy to the Cisco Raleigh offices, then show us your furry pals in comments.

    How Tucker and the #DogsOfCisco Bring Joy to the Office

    Life At Cisco Most Mondays lack motivation. This particular Monday, after having woken up to our six year old English Shepherd mix Tucker pouncing on me, was not all that different. Until I sat down to check my emails and one caught my eye - Cisco RTP in Raleigh, NC had announced the approved buildings for the Dogs at Work Program, and mine was on there!

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