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  • Leaving a 15-year tenure was exactly what Tim Jones knew he needed to do for both his professional and personal life.
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  • "We value staff who find tremendous satisfaction from challenging work, forging connections with strong colleagues, and building themselves up, all while working from wherever they want in the world, creating a life that provides them with meaning. "

    Clevertech Thoughts | Remote Success: Keeping the things you love close at hand

    Not long ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing one of my employees who, at that time, had worked at Clevertech for two years. We were talking about how the flexibility of working remotely had allowed him to ask himself, Where do I want to live? How will that shape my life?

  • See how Sr. Engineer, Axel, is able to able to surf whenever he wants, see his family, and stay connected to his history.

  • Focusing on *care* rather than managing time. Care for your team and care for the client and their needs. That's Responsible Remote.
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    Clevertech Thoughts | Responsible Remote: Delivering for our clients and employees

    Consider this scenario. Your spouse begins going out every night after work for drinks with co-workers and potential clients. How do you feel about that? Are you threatened? Do you feel that perhaps they might be cheating? Or do you feel excited about the prospect of them landing a new promotion, setting you up to finally buy the house you've been planning for?

  • Coffee enthusiast, yogi & Javascript Developer Adrian shares how Clevertech’s commitment to #responsibleremote allows a more holistic commitment to his work and hobbies.

  • Fulfillment doesn't come by just going through the motions every day.
    Use your expertise to inspire more creative solutions that you're proud of!
    We are not robots. YOU are not a robot.

  • Sometimes the remote lifestyle means more time with your family, sometimes it means more freedom to travel, sometimes it means both.

    Full-Stack & a Family Traveling Full-Time

    Before joining Clevertech, working remote was just an idea that crossed my mind. The thought often came when I would turn on the space heater under my office desk in the middle of summer because the air conditioning threatened to provoke hypothermia. I couldn't work remote, I love people.

  • How to be successful with remote work and Clevertech

    Clevertech Thoughts | How to be successful with remote work and Clevertech

    How to be successful with remote work and Clevertech

  • Technology Is the New Cultural Identifier

    Clevertech Thoughts | How Technology Is Disrupting Power & Cultural Structures

    Technology is dissolving traditional power and cultural structures, empowering societies to reap their own advantages in line with the rate they embrace new tech, argues Kuty Shalev.

  • Forget #Bitcoin; companies are increasingly going to need #BlockchainTechnology for many other operational functions. Clevertech's founder discusses what businesses need to know. #blockchain #ledgertechnology #bitcoin #cryptonews #blockchainnews

    Clevertech - Thought - Forget Bitcoin: Here's the Real Reason You Should Embrace Blockchain

    Forget Bitcoin; companies are increasingly going to need blockchain for many other operational functions. Here's what businesses need to know.

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