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  • These are the 8 basic ingredients needed to build healthy partnerships - in life, in business and in ministry.

    Building Healthy Partnerships

    Tenzing Norgay was the Sherpa guide who scaled Mount Everest with Sir Edmund Hillary in 1953. He wrote, "All the way up and all the way down we helped, and were helped by, each other - and that was the way it should be. We were not leader and led.

  • Part 2 of our "Ask Jimmy" series focuses on global development improvements and our focus on church partnership.

    Ask Jimmy: Global Development Improvements and Church Partnership

    A few weeks ago, we asked you on Facebook, "If you could ask Compassion president Santiago "Jimmy" Mellado one question, what would it be?" Well, we got some great questions from you and have compiled his responses in the "Ask Jimmmy" blog series.

  • "When we put our most remarkable human efforts in the hands our miraculous God, things we can’t even imagine are possible." Jimmy Mellado, Compassion president

    Ask Jimmy: The Olympics, Success and College

    We recently asked you on Facebook, "If you could ask Compassion president Santiago "Jimmy" Mellado one question, what would it be?" Well, we got a great response and over the next three weeks we'll be publishing his responses to your questions here in our "Ask Jimmmy" blog series.

  • Partnership should achieve a vision that is mutually desired and that cannot be achieved by any one partner alone.

    What is Partnership? - Compassion International Blog

    Many of us are allergic to business jargon. Nothing can make people start itching faster than sitting in a meeting and hearing words like "strategy," "assessment," or - horror of horrors - "best practice methodology." "Partnership" can be one of those abstract business-like words that make our eyes glaze over.

  • The UN Sustainable Development Goals give people and organizations something to rally around and a common vocabulary about what needs to be done. Here's how Compassion can help meet those goals.

    Does Compassion Meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals?

    After three years, thousands of surveys, hundreds of meetings and dozens of international summits, the United Nations on September 25 approved the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Their intent is to inspire and propel countless global efforts to improve life for all 7 billion-plus inhabitants of this planet by the year 2030.

  • Today is World Teachers' Day and wouldn't you know it, they were right!

    Dear Teacher

    Dear Teacher, You saw me every day. You saw who I really was in spite of appearances, abilities, and economic status. You saw who I could become. You were more than just my teacher. You were a mom, a dad, a nurse, my champion, and my friend.

  • The movie 'Poverty, Inc.' asks the probing question: Could I be part of the problem? See how Compassion's model of holistic child development partnering with the local church fits with the movie's solution to ending poverty worldwide.

    'Poverty, Inc.': The Global Poverty Industry

    The room was packed, occupied by some of the most inspiring Christian leaders I've met from across the continent of Africa. I began my afternoon presentation in Ethiopia with a movie trailer for a new documentary, Poverty, Inc. , that seeks to reveal some of the pitfalls of the global aid system.

  • The poverty of education is a battle that can be won, no matter your age. Rather than just telling their pupils the importance of seeking education, these workers are showing them with their own lives.

    Literacy: Turning Mirrors into Windows

    Natida, a Compassion child worker, furrows her brow and chews on the end of her pen as she sits at the edge of her seat in the tense silence of a classroom. Child workers from five other Child Development Centers sit in schoolchildren's seats around her. Worawut, the center's director, explains why they're here.

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