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  • Course5 Intelligence is proud to sponsor at Brand Innovators Marketing Innovation.

    Meet Anees Merchant, Heidi Caldira, and Medhavi Akhouri to find out how Course5 uses a spectrum of AI technologies like Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing with Digital Analytics to help marketing teams get better. Schedule a meeting @

    Course5 Intelligence at Brand Innovators

    Event : Brand Innovators Future of Consumer Engagement

    AI is becoming the leading differentiator in how brands attract, engage, and serve customers globally. Course5 Intelligence uses a spectrum of AI technologies like Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) with Digital Analytics to help marketing teams get better at everything they do-connect customers' omnichannel journeys in real-time, deliver great offers and user experiences, drive rapid innovation, and increase revenues from the get-go.

  • We're proud to sponsor at DAA OneConference 2019!

    Meet Anees Merchant, David McBride, and Bhaskar Dey to find out how Course5 is helping leading global businesses leverage Augmented Analytics to use data and insights to drive digital transformations. Schedule a meeting @

  • Connect with Bhaskar Dey and Zabi Ulla at BayesiaLab Conference 2019 and attend the session by Zabi to learn more about our marketing applications which are primarily built around Bayesian science and leverage BayesiaLab at various levels. Register for a meeting @

    Event : 7th Annual BayesiaLab Conference

    Dive deep into Bayesian Inference with Zabi Ulla S. as he speaks on Knowledge Elicitation & Application at BayesiaLab Conference at 16:30 - 17:15 on Thursday, October 10, 2019. The session will discuss Knowledge Elicitation in causal modeling, with special focus on how Course5 Intelligence is using Transfer Learning to solve complex problems in marketing measurement and optimization.

  • Course5 Intelligence Awarded for 'Data Science/AI In FMCG' at Cypher 2019.

    We're pleased to announce that Course5 has won the Great Learning Data Science Award for 'Data Science/AI in FMCG' at Cypher 2019, India’s largest analytics conference.
    The awards recognize the best in the data science industry for innovation and excellence. Course5's focus on AI-driven innovation has helped create cutting-edge digital analytics, data engineering, and insights products.

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  • Is AI making advertising smarter?

    Meet Manish Mittal, Anil Damodaran, and Megha Chaudhry at Advertising Week New York to learn how AI powered analytics is transforming the way advertising is designed, delivered and assessed. Schedule a meeting @

    Course5 Intelligence at Advertising Week 2019

    Event : Advertising Week

    Advertising is turning smarter with AI. From driving deeper understanding of multichannel dynamics and the customer journey to better campaign measurement, AI-powered Analytics is transforming the way Advertising is designed, delivered, and assessed. Course5's Ad optimization platform, ADOMATE, now brings increased effectiveness to Ad campaigns through crucial frame-level insights for design and testing of Ad creatives.

  • Does your organization need an AI Lab?
    Meet Ashwin Mittal, Tamal Chowdhury, Bhavneet Sekhon, Rahul Tenglikar, ANSHUL SINGH, and Sharda Sinha at Cypher 2019 to get an answer and learn more about the journey of AI Lab at Course5 Intelligence. Register @

    Course5 Intelligence at Cypher 2019

    Event : CYPHER 2019

    Does your organization need an AI Lab? What goes into setting up a successful one? To what extent should the Lab be integrated with your daily business?

  • Attending Groceryshop 2019?

    Connect with Anees Merchant, Marc Gallman, and Heidi Caldira to learn how our clients from retail and CPG businesses are leveraging our AI-driven products and solutions to deliver better customer experiences and create compelling value. Schedule a meeting @

    Course5 Intelligence at Groceryshop 2019

    Event : Grocery Shop 2019

    The convergence of AI technologies and Digital Analytics is transforming how retail and CPG businesses deliver customer experiences and create compelling value. Companies can now access real-time insights from cross-channel data (open web, social, transactional, sales, and other data sources) to refine their customer journeys, leverage market trends, and stay ahead of competition.

  • We are proud to sponsor at Pharma CI Conference USA 2019.
    Connect with Suchitra Eswaran, Aamod Hegde, and Dr Uday Chauhan to find out what’s latest in market and competitor intelligence and how our solutions can help transform your business. Schedule a meeting @

    Course5 Intelligence at Pharma CI Conference 2019

    Event : Pharma CI Conference and Exhibition USA 2019

    Course5 Intelligence is a consulting partner to several large pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Our solutions use a combination of primary and secondary competitive intelligence, market research, advanced digital analytics to answer key business questions. We provide a multi-pronged approach to transform scattered information about competitors, customers and other important stakeholders into relevant, accurate, and actionable strategic insights.

  • AIM talked to Ashwin Mittal of Course5i to find out how this AI firm is driving a digital transformation for leading companies like Microsoft, Lenovo, Colgate Palmolive, WPP Group, and Adelphi through analytics and AI.
    In Conversation With Course5’s Ashwin Mittal On Why An AI-Led Approach Will Drive The Next Phase Of Growth

  • Attend @intel and Course5's session at @ESOMAR 2019.
    Intel's @sunitavenk & #Course5i's @im_manishm will speak on "Discovering new actionable insights with AI" where they explain how Intel uses Course5 Adomate to get insights on new ad creatives.

    Event : Esomar Congress 2019

    Watch the AI tide turn at ESOMAR as the dreams and projections of previous years give way to real-life case studies around application of AI to the business of insights.

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