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    Why Agile? Because we believe that it helps gather the best ingredients to cook a very special recipe for success; autonomy, communication and flexibility are some of the principles that guide this methodology that we‘ve been practicing for 3 years in a row. 💙

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    We‘re much more than just a workplace; we‘re a growth place. We believe that providing the tools for self-development opens up the path for a collective journey of success as well. 💙

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    Connection is an important part of our culture. We believe that when we link different perspectives, backgrounds and mentalities, we are opening the door to an endless and sustainable growth path ➡💙


    Those who take user experience towards the light while finding inspiration in every detail. Do you also see the world from that perspective?

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    Autonomy in a safe and dynamic environment is the fuel for our authenticity. 💙


    We have this new colleague in our office, at Critical TechWorks OPO – Portugal. Would you like to join us to raise the bar? 😏🔥

  • As was said sometime this year, let's cheer #2thefuture. 2020 was full of challenges but also full of achievements and successes. The world is changing, but we are the ones who define its route. 2021, we're more than ready!

  • Magic lives on if we are willing to find joy in the little details. There’s always a reason to see the glass as being half full, and even though the scenery might look different, it’s just special. Have a safe and joyful Christmas!

  • The Future is moving, but we’re still the ones who decide its route, and with that, our values remain intact. We’re changing the way the world moves.

  • We believe technology facilitates the use of electric vehicles. That's why investing in the future of mobility is our main focus. According to Massimo Senatore, General Director of BMW Portugal, technology coupled with sustainability will be the main impact on the future. Have a look at our prospects for the future.

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