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  • We care about how we get to the top, so we will always stay focused and stick to our road! We can proudly say that we have successfully obtained both ISO 27001:2013 Information and Security Management System Certification and ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification. Now we have the recognition that our core practices are focused on providing the products and services that bring value to our users! This certification also means that we can confidently manage information security and privacy, identifying risks and implementing the preventive measures necessary to mitigate them, protecting our organisation as a whole!

  • Despite everything, it’s important to stick to habits and routines, albeit adapted. We keep our #ctwRunners community active and we’re still taking part in our CTW Runs or Walks, each one of us in our area of residence, always connected and sharing our successes! Stay safe, stay active!

  • My Best Self Project - Ep.2. The benefit of our growth, not only as individuals but also as a company, is that we overcome fears, always thinking about what comes next. Learn more about another axis of the My Best Self Project at Critical TechWorks.

  • My Best Self Project - Ep. 1 - We always want to create our best version, so let's start with our relationships, both with everyone else and with ourselves. Find out more about one of the three axes of the My Best Self Project at Critical TechWorks.

  • We saw some strange activities in our office. Scary enough to let us think that there really is something hidden there... that’ll always be. We hope you had a Joyful Halloween! 🎃

  • What will be the energy of the future powering our vehicles? The question is simple. The answer, not as much. Read more about what João Esteves has to say about it.

  • How can societies bring together the growing need for more premium and effective mobility solutions with the urgency of reducing the ecological footprint that we individually and globally produce? It was one of the issues of BMW Portugal’s E-drive Talk which featured our Titan Pedro Silva. A 60-minute talk to discuss and discover what Future Mobility represents. Have a look here.

  • The comfortable, informal, and humorous environment he's included in, and the trust he has in his colleagues are the reason for him to love his job. In 5 years, he hopes to discover the elixir of life, and that the connection with BMW grows stronger and more consistent. Meet our Rockstar Developer, João Oliveira.

  • Webcast: Learning depends more and more on each one? Ricardo Martins, from Cegoc, João Gomes, from Syone and Raquel Costa, from Critical Techworks, discuss challenges and trends in the area of ​​development and the skills, at a time still marked by the pandemic.

  • Our Chief Operations Officer at Critical Techworks aimed to "end 2020 with a thousand employees, compared to 600 at the end of 2019. For 2021, the goal is a team of 1,200 people."

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