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  • Challenge the present to build the future, knowing that the key to achieve it is the people and having no fear to get off the beaten track. Take a look at what our Chief of Purpose (CEO), Rui Cordeiro, has to say about it.

  • Social challenges are undoubtedly the biggest ones in a world of autonomous mobility. Apart from systems highly adapted and configured for the surrounding environment and its variants, the biggest challenge in building this technology is, without a doubt, the unpredictable nature of human behaviour. Take a look at what our Titan, João Gonçalves, has to say about the impact of autonomous driving.

  • "Like several models of the BMW range, and also of Mini, the I4 will incorporate technology developed in Portugal by Critical Techworks."

  • We should inaugurate our new office in the heart of Oporto. But we decided to stay safe, to protect ourselves and others. We are still as focused as ever in our mission, always being careful and aware of the importance of what we're facing.

  • We don't care about positions or job titles. Our belief is that each person contributes to the company and each role is valuable and fundamental. At Critical TechWorks you are free to define your own job title and use it in your e-mail signature and social networks. It is personal and it represents what you feel and how you want others to see you.

  • "IT people are perhaps more laid-back, not so restrained, they don't wear fine suits or nice ties. They're more interested in achieving decent goals, in finding the right technology and getting problems solved. This brings them closer together." - Martin Zierheim, Critical TechWorks COO

  • The goal of bringing technology and drivers closer together is present in every detail experienced in the future of the autonomous driving industry. And because of this, the new concept of urban mobility is one of our main focuses as we develop the Ultimate Driving Experience.

  • “If it is a fact that about five years ago the automotive and mobility industry was at a crossroads, not knowing which way to go. Today, the main players are aware of what the future will be like, where software will become increasingly more important than the engine.” João Esteves – Critical TechWorks CTO

  • "Flexibility and resilience towards a constantly changing field, autonomy to decide and lead, and capacity to efficiently communicate with the team with whom interacts are some of the basis we are looking for. Great candidates must also have the capacity to actively search the added value in their teams." - André Filipe, CTW HR King of Heart

  • "Portugal has excellent conditions to assert itself as an important IT player in this area.” - Jochen Kirschbaum, COO of Critical TechWorks

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