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  • COVID-19

    As COVID-19 continues to reshape our world in unprecedented ways, the safety of our employees and customers remains of the utmost importance. Safety is at the center of every decision we make as we adapt our operation and daily routines. Delta is focused on supporting our employees during this time which includes launching internal resources to address COVID-19 questions and concerns, implementing guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and transforming the industry standard of clean. You can stay up to date on all COVID-19 announcements at

  • Kepp up with the latest on what we're doing to keep our customers and people safe during the COVID-19 outbreak.

  • Because to have a fulfilling career I needed to be challenged. “I was in a meeting with my Manager to review my first year at Delta. We talked through our accomplishments and contributions to our digital transformation journey and it was so eye opening. I knew that there was so much more that could be done that I hadn’t taken a moment to look back at what we had already accomplished as a team. At the end of the recap, he was grinning from ear-to-ear and asked “Challenging enough for you? We’re just getting started.” Three years later, that challenging work is still a part of my every day. I'm proud of our culture of growth, support and continuous learning. With that culture and the many teams across Delta working together, we are able to positively impact the customer experience. The intricate problem solving and learning have been the most challenging that I have ever experienced in my career. They have also been the most rewarding.” - Kamau Washington, IT Advisory Developer and UI Architect There are 90,000+ reasons to join Delta. What’s yours?

  • Today at our profit sharing celebration we unveiled a symbol of appreciation to Delta people: a custom aircraft livery featuring all 90,000 employee names, alongside a message that this aircraft is “dedicated to the world’s best employees and customers.” #DeltaProud

  • Kimberly Denese Boykin is the V.P. for BOLD, Delta’s Black Community Employee Resource Group and uses her passion for black culture to enlighten colleagues across the company. “For me, Black History Month is about celebrating our accomplishments and achievements. A lot of the technology and tools we use were created by black people, and that helps me encourage our younger generation. It’s so important for them to know what others before them have accomplished. BOLD has served as an avenue to help so many people get to know black culture and history. The common denominator that connects us, no matter our color, nationality, religion or culture, is our heart. Delta recognizes that the people are the core of the company. That is one of the reasons why we have organizations like BOLD and our other resource groups. As a group, we also provide professional development, exposure to leadership and opportunities for members to meet colleagues outside of their regular work environments. All these things connect us and create a culture of inclusion. That’s the Delta difference.”

  • Randy McCauley, an ATL-based flight attendant, flew 488 flights, while passing through 87 airports in 41 states and touched down in 8 countries in 2019 alone. Connecting with passengers and places is the career he always dreamed of. “As a flight attendant, I’ve traveled to many incredible places. Some of my favorite international destinations have been Germany, Canada, China and the Netherlands. But truly, my favorite places have been right here in the U.S. On top of my list would be Montana and Alaska. You can't beat the vast, picturesque landscape and welcoming locals. It’s been said that travel changes you and I could not agree more. At Delta, we get to experience new destinations firsthand. With each new place I visit, I have become more aware of the various cultures that make up our global society, and it has left a handprint on my heart. It has helped me to understand our passengers even more in knowing that we are truly carrying the most precious cargo on the planet—each other.”

  • We’re honored to be ranked No. 19 among Fortune Magazine's Top 50 Most Admired Companies for our leadership in social responsibility, innovation and culture. As CEO Ed Bastian shared with our team today, "Our success is attributed to Delta people and their dedication and passion for serving our customers and each other." #DeltaProud

  • Meet Carla Thompson, a Lead Customer Experience Specialist. In Carla’s more than 20 years at Delta, she’s experienced a great deal of personal and professional growth. With the ability to travel the world, her family has been able to grow in more ways than she imagined. There are 80,000+ reasons to join Delta. What’s yours?

  • Meet Nathan Ledford, a flight attendant. Nathan’s first experience with Delta brings back wonderful memories. That’s why when he was searching for a new career, he knew exactly where he wanted to be. Welcome home, Nathan. There are 80,000+ reasons to join Delta. What’s yours?

  • Meet Marta Rodriguez, a Senior Software Engineer. Through the support of her family and to stay relevant in the fast-changing IT environment, Marta reinvented herself by learning the coding language, Angular. Shortly after, she landed her career at Delta. There are 80,000+ reasons to join Delta. What’s yours?

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