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  • Meet Alex, a QA Specialist (Subtitling) on our localization team. "My role in the QA department, specifically QC Reports, is ensuring that all subtitling products that are being delivered to Deluxe’ s clients are up to the highest of industry standards. Working for Deluxe has given me insight into the global film distribution market and the role that localization has played in shaping what the film industry is today." #hellodeluxe

  • Meet Tais, an Account Coordinator on our Audio Description team. “As a proud member of our diverse project management team and a native speaker of Brazilian Portuguese, I work hand in hand with our highly-skilled writing and production teams to deliver descriptive audio of the highest standard for the visually-impaired. I enjoy working in one of the most creative parts of the hashtag#localization process, as I work closely with many talented writers, audio engineers and voiceover talent to produce an end-to-end service in-house. My team is always looking to the future as our industry continues to grow and the demand continually increases for accessibility of theatrical, broadcast, and streaming content.” #hellodeluxe

  • Meet Nacho, Head of Motion Graphics | Creative Director at Deluxe Spain. “In the Motion Graphics department of Deluxe we participate in a great variety of exciting projects: from the conception and development of main titles for movies and series to graphics for advertising, trailer localizations, branding and all kinds of special projects. Working here is a real privilege (and a constant challenge!). The feeling of belonging to a global family is always present and collaboration with colleagues from sites from around the world is usual. Working surrounded by the best (and most friendly) professionals of the sector allows you to learn something new every day, and that is a blessing!” #hellodeluxe

  • Halloween at Deluxe never disappoints!

  • Meet Bethany, Global Manager Security Audit & Compliance. "As part of the Security team, we strive every day to meet the challenges and changes in our industry and how we conduct business. We are allowed and expected to be innovative and find creative solutions to problems. Building relationships and trust with our team members is just as important as knowing the technical aspects of the job and Deluxe has some of the greatest people I have ever met. They make what could be stressful situations much easier to work with." #hellodeluxe #lifeatdeluxe #careers #security #postproduction

  • Meet Raad, Associate Director, Production Coordination on our Bangalore localisation team. “I love working in the localisation business at Deluxe because we’re working with so many languages and so many different workflows, so the day-to-day is really engaging. In my role, I’m able to meet and work with so many different, talented people. The knowledge of the teams never ceases to amaze me. After all these years, Deluxe feels like a second home and the teams I work with are like family.” #hellodeluxe

  • Meet Swapna, Director, Product (Localization) on our Deluxe Innovation team at our Bangalore offices. “I’m part of the Product team that works on Sfera, Deluxe’s localization platform. We strive to streamline the supply chain in Sfera, automate and optimize localization workflows and processes to make them simpler and scalable. It’s invigorating to work with a team that thinks out of the box, and comes up with disruptive and innovative solutions that make operations easier for the localization business and its clients. I’m honored to be part of the Innovation team, a team that plays a big role in shaping Deluxe’s future.” #hellodeluxe

  • Bring Your Children to Work Day in our London office was a busy day for the youngest members of the Deluxe family. From cupcake decorating, to planning and budgeting an imaginary party, this was one hard working group!

  • Meet Alex, the Director Feature Sales on our EFILM team. “I love working with emerging filmmakers and new creative content because it's the key in developing our future. We not only provide blockbuster quality color to a majority of the top features, but also give the same care to student and independent projects.” #hellodeluxe

  • Meet Kenny a Flame Assist on our Method Studios team. "I started in an entry level position in our Vault. Now I'm working working with some of Method's top talent and have been exposed to numerous projects I couldn't even have imagined. Method gave me a chance to show that someone who came from the vault can work their way up to do what they love and work on some cool projects." #hellodeluxe

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