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  • Meet Ally, a member of our Employee Experience team and the mastermind behind the personality-packed events that help make EF a special place to work. http://glassdoor.com/slink.htm?key=vQZcs

    Keeping spirits high: Ally's EF journey - EF Education First

    "My job is to make people happy," says Ally. "What's better than that?" Around EF Education First's Boston headquarters, some know Ally as the comedic force behind the internal High Fives emails, which keep staff in tune with happenings in the office.

  • Security Manager Henry's take on the EF spirit: "It's a spirit that not only changes you as a person but also inspires you to be better at all that you do." 🌟 Learn about Henry's EF journey: http://glassdoor.com/slink.htm?key=vQoNU

    Never stop learning: Henry's EF journey - EF Education First

    Henry is typically one of the first faces people see when they walk into EF Education First's Boston headquarters. Whether they're coming in for a first interview or starting another day's work, for the past 18 years, he's been a consistent, friendly presence guarding the safety and well-being of everyone who comes through EF's doors.

  • From Dracula's haunts in Romania to archaeological sites in Belize, Janae's career at EF takes her to different parts of the world every day. Learn about Janae’s EF journey: http://glassdoor.com/slink.htm?key=vQbrz

    Making travel dreams come true: Janae's EF journey - EF Education First

    Janae's job takes her to different parts of the world every day. In one week, she might explore bear conservation areas in Japan, dracula's haunts in Romania, and archaeological sites in Belize. As a Boston-based Customized Itinerary Specialist for EF Education First , a world leader in educational travel, she spends her time curating guided travel experiences for college professors and students.

  • Yes, we even design puppets at EF! Meet Creative Director Aida who helps bring language learning to life through engaging products for kids and teens: http://glassdoor.com/slink.htm?key=vQbEw

    Making learning fun: Aida's EF journey - EF Education First

    Ask Aida about her favorite memories from growing up in Spain and she's likely to tell you about the time she took her sister to the cinema for the first time. The movie was Disney's animated "Tarzan," and Aida still remembers the thrill of watching the characters swinging from vine to vine across the big screen.

  • Did you know that for every mile sailed in one of the pink sailboats on the Charles River in Boston, you're donating to a good cause? Learn more about our partnership with the nation's oldest sailing center, Community Boating, Inc., as we celebrate our fifth year working together.

    Sailing pink in support of Community Boating, Inc. - EF Education First

    By Melissa Mann 2 min read If you've been lucky enough to visit Boston during the summer, chances are you've seen the bright pink sailboats and kayaks dotting the Charles River. If you've been lucky enough to take a ride on one, you've also donated to a special cause with the nation's oldest sailing center, Community Boating, Inc.

  • Have you heard? We're one of 6 companies changing the world, according to Fortune magazine!

  • How to travel the world (without being an influencer): work at EF Education First!

    How To Get Paid To Travel The World Without Being An Influencer

    Getting paid to travel is the dream and no, you don't have to sell yourself out on social media to do it. You don't even have to be the biggest expert around. An easy-going attitude and impeccable organizational skills is all you really need for a long-lasting career that isn't dependent on how many followers you keep online.

  • Have you heard? Another building is coming to our North Point neighborhood in Cambridge! We sat down with Skanska USA to hear about what goes into a building project like this one and what they enjoy about working with EF.

    Hoisting the final beam: Skanska USA and Iron Workers Local 7 top off

    Each morning as EF Education First employees are arriving to work in Boston, the construction site adjacent to the office is already buzzing with activity. The trucks that load in and out all morning, the cranes that carry steel beams up and down, and the structure that grows taller each day are all exciting signs of a building project in progress.

  • Kaitlyn and Gracie have been best friends since birth, now they're best friends at EF. See how Gracie referred Kaitlyn to work at EF Education First.

    Kaitlyn and Gracie: EF Friends Forever - EF Education First

    By Melissa Mann 3 min read Kaitlyn and Gracie have known each other their entire lives-literally. As cousins born just six months apart, they grew up next door to each other during summer vacations in Cape Cod.

  • "We're experiential education. We're about teaching people different cultures and getting people exposure to different beliefs and different ways of looking at things." Read more from our CEO of North America, Dr. Edward Hult, on the EF mission and why we decided to save a professional cycling team. (via Business Insider)

    The CEO of an 'experiential education' company explains why he bought one of America's top Tour de France teams and why a YouTube video will never replace real travel

    EF Education First CEO Edward Hult spoke with Business Insider about why he bought a top American cycling team, why he's not losing sleep over the sport's rampant-doping past, and why a YouTube video can only show you so much about the world.

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