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  • Where is Facebook hiring? What teams are growing? How can you stand out from the crowd? Miranda Kalinowski, Facebook's Global Head of Recruiting tells CBS News in this exclusive interview.

    Facebook's top recruiter: We want "builders at heart"

    Every day more than 2 billion people use Facebook ( FB), and yet it seems safe to say most will never meet even a single Facebook employee in their entire lifetime. That's the nature of software companies -- their products may be ubiquitous, but their employees are nearly invisible.

  • Why is diversity in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) research so important? Learn more from Dr. Joelle Pineau head of the Facebook AI Research (FAIR).

    Why diversity matters in AI research

    Dr. Joelle Pineau is head of the Facebook AI Research (FAIR) lab in Montreal and co-director of the Reasoning and Learning Lab at McGill University's School of Computer Science. On International Women's Day, Pineau discusses the importance of diversity in the field of AI research and the progress being made to bring more young women...

  • WhatsApp's lead product designer Charlie Deets lets us into his world at work. Learn more in this Lifehacker feature.

    I'm WhatsApp Product Designer Charlie Deets, and This Is How I Work

    As the lead product designer at WhatsApp, Charlie Deets makes decisions that affect over 1.5 billion users each month. That means solving some unusual challenges, like building a chat interface that even illiterate users can navigate. It also means distinguishing WhatsApp's visual "stories" feature from similar features in Snapchat and Instagram.

  • Want to land a job at Facebook? Here are four things applicants should keep in mind.

    How to land a job at Facebook

    Facebook is consistently ranked as one of the best companies to work for. Though the company has faced some public criticism over the past year, workers around the world continue to clamor for the opportunity to be a part of the Facebook team.

  • Facebook data centers are making a positive impact on local communities. This includes donating to local non-profits, striving toward running on 100% renewable energy, and supporting thousands of jobs in the economy. Consider joining us - available roles include Facility Operations and Construction Management in locations throughout the U.S. and abroad.

    Social media giant Facebook's Fort Worth, U.S. data centers contributing nearly $6B in GDP growth, RTI International study says - Dallas Business Journal

    Social media giant Facebook Inc.'s (Nasdaq: FB) growing data center presence in North Texas is helping produce some major moolah to the nation's bottom line, with a recent study by RTI International attributing nearly $6 billion of GDP growth to the company's ever-growing data center presence.

  • We’re LIVE right now with Facebook leaders at the Glassdoor Best Places to Work Tour (#GDtour). Hear from Facebook leaders on what goes into making a best place to work.

    Best Places to Work SF Livestream

    Best Places to Work SF Livestream - Tuesday, February 27, 2018

  • What are your most important work values? Learn more about the 3 things employees really want in this Harvard Business Review article.

    The 3 Things Employees Really Want: Career, Community, Cause

    Executive Summary If Abraham Maslow's famous hierarchy of needs were redesigned today to explain what motivates people at work, beyond the survival basics, what would it look like? Facebook set out to answer that question by examining responses to the workforce survey it conducts twice a year.

  • Hear what our Global Head of Diversity, Maxine Williams has to say about creating a diverse workforce.

    Facebook's Head of Diversity: There Should Be a Diverse Candidate for Every Open Role

    "When we talk about diversity, we're not talking about ticking boxes." Cutting straight to the point, Facebook's Global Head of Diversity Maxine Williams knows full well the preconceived notions and hushed opinions of those who question corporate diversity initiatives.

  • “Today we're opening our first-ever Facebook Community Leadership Program. Our goal is to find people who are using Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger to bring people closer together."

    Mark Zuckerberg

    Last year I met Matt Prestbury. He runs a group for black fathers out of Baltimore. It's a way for dads to get together -- online and in the physical world -- to talk about the challenges they face...

  • WhatsApp has more than 1.5 billion monthly active users, who send more than 60 billion messages every day. Learn how WhatsApp's simple interface and ‘lite’ weight core are key to its popularity and growth, especially in Africa, South Asia and Latin America.

    WhatsApp's slow-paced innovation is leading it to dominance in the world's biggest markets

    WhatsApp has always been pretty basic. Its simple interface and 'lite' weight have helped ensure the messaging app's ascendancy in emerging markets across Africa, South Asia, and Latin America, where internet access has either been too expensive or too slow to handle some of the heavier social media options.

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