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    We’d like to provide some transparency and perspective to the reviews you may be seeing on our Glassdoor page.

    In 2018 we made significant investments and launched several projects in preparation for growth. We built and launched game changing home security and automation products, we prepared to launch our first retail stores, and our e-commerce platform saw huge expansion. All the while, we continued to grow our customer base for the eleventh consecutive year since opening our doors, and as always—we delivered on our mission to provide safety and security to families all across the world. And even after all that, for the first time ever, we’re opening a new office and expanding from our headquarters in Virginia to the west coast.

    However, there were some growing pains for us. Every company moves into different phases as it grows and matures. Early days in startups are known to be fun, bootstrapped time periods where there’s abundant green space and passion driven decisions. At Frontpoint, we’re moving into what you might call our ‘teenage years’:

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    - We’ve dedicated ourselves to creating some structure that will allow us to scale and do so more predictably while remaining flexible and agile
    - We still have the space to live in more of an ambiguous world in which to innovate but with guardrails and plans to support that innovation
    - We’re maintaining balance to ensure we remain true to our values and entrepreneurial spirit without getting in our own way

    This all allows for us to have a ‘start up-like’ culture with the flexibility and agility to be innovative, drive solutions, and change for the benefit of our customers.

    All that being said—Yes. We had to make some tough decisions at the beginning of the year. There were a few strategic initiatives that we slowed down to ensure a more meticulous launch and we did have to part ways with some fantastic members of the corporate team. It was very difficult to lose talented people. That difficulty would become a complete and utter loss if we didn’t let it affect us and learn from it.

    So, what did we learn?

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    We course corrected and will remain nimble as we continue on what will ultimately be a winning strategy based in research, data, and leg work that we’ve put in to better understand our customers, both current and prospective.

    We learned that as we grow and have new positions to fill, we will reflect on what makes an employee successful at Frontpoint. It’s someone who aligns with our values of ‘Build Trust, Dream Big and Be Awesome’ as well as our ethos—a Frontpoint employee brings:

    - Positivity
    - Hard work
    - A solutions-oriented mentality
    - A focus on results
    - Involvement with and dedication to our mission

    We learned that we want to drive a culture that supports our path to growth; smart, measured growth. We also continue to learn that winning means building and driving a high performing team, one that can thrive in an evolving marketplace, drive change, and take initiative to solve problems.

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    We are committed to our culture of providing clear, reasonable expectations. The steps we take in our interview process, onboarding, training, and management of employees are thought out and measured. They’re processes that are based on research and constructed to provide employees with everything they need to succeed. Sometimes that’s not the right fit for certain individuals. Sometimes there are people who have difficulty taking direct feedback, aren’t open to coaching, and eventually aren’t successful because of that. But there are many here who are quite successful and are proof that the effort we’re putting in to making Frontpoint a fantastic, fun place where positive, hardworking people thrive is paying off. Over the next few months, we’re going to ask those employees to share their point of view. We will continue to ensure we provide clear expectations so individuals can perform.

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    We hope our perspective and transparency sheds some light on some of the posts you’re seeing. We are going to keep a laser-focus on continued growth and getting better every single day. It starts with learning where we stumbled and applying those lessons going forward. If you have concerns or want more information, apply to one of our roles or ask one of our Talent Acquisition team members.

    At Frontpoint, we don’t shudder when faced with a problem. We take it head on and provide solutions.

  • This week our Senior Leadership team participated in an offsite where some of the day was spent building bikes to be donated to kids through the United Way Worldwide. Want to work for a company that cares about a cause? Check out our open jobs!

  • Wellness expert Rachel Drunkenmiller came back to share tips on How to Eat for Energy. She even made us trail mix and shared out some of her favorite herbal teas!

  • On Wednesday night a lucky group of Frontpointers got a chance to see the Washington Wizards take on the Atlanta Hawks at the Verizon Center!

  • Our Sales & Customer Care teams recently held their annual dinners to recognize the top performers of 2016. Congrats to all those that were recognized! Here's to another year of breaking records and protecting the homes and families of our customers!

  • We are dancing in our office right now! Very excited that we have advanced to the Sweet Sixteen of DC Inno's #TechMadnessDC! Click the link to vote us onto the Elite Eight!

    The DC Inno Tech Madness Bracket Is Here [VOTING OPEN]

    Tech Madness has officially begun and we're off to the races! Of our 150 finalists, we picked 64 killer companies to compete for the title of 2017 Tech Madness Champion. The selection and seeding of the companies is based on a number of factors, including amount of funding raised, age, number of employees and insights from our editorial staff on trajectory, product and industry.

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