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  • In the second to last Apprentice Adventures blog post, Carpenter Foreman Bob Davis shares his story. Bob found a meaningful career path after several years of searching for inspiration and ultimately feeling a bit lost—thanks to the carpenter apprenticeship program! His story is one many of us can relate to. Check it out!

    apprentice adventures | part 4

    apprentice adventures | part 4 by alan kniffin | theme: people BOB DAVIS, CARPENTER FOREMANCompleted Apprenticeship in October 2017Current Project: Amazon Block 21 Carpenter Foreman Bob Davis found a meaningful career path after several years of searching for inspiration and ultimately feeling a bit lost.

  • In part two of Apprentice Adventures, Carpenter Foreman Elie Egan gives us the abbreviated version of her apprenticeship journey. Teaser: we have a biochemist on our team!

    apprentice adventures | part 2

    apprentice adventures | part 2 by alan kniffin | theme: people ELIE EGAN, CARPENTER FOREMANCompleted Apprenticeship in June 2018.Current Project: Overlake Medical Center Project FutureCare If you have doubts about a complete change in career path, Elie's story will inspire you.

  • Apprentice Matt Limes explored other career interests before pursuing construction—a longtime passion of his. This is a story many can relate to! Check out part three of our blog post series, Apprentice Adventures!

    apprentice adventures | part 3

    apprentice adventures | part 3 by alan kniffin | theme: people MATT LIMES, APPRENTICE - 6TH PERIODCurrent Project: Microsoft Campus Matt didn't immediately dive into construction upon reaching adulthood, but his fascination for the industry started at an early age. Growing up, he was the kid who asked questions-a lot of them-especially when it came to construction.

  • A new year is just around the corner, which means new goals, resolutions, or simply a fresh start for some of us. This is the perfect time to reflect on career paths and consider new opportunities such as the construction apprenticeship program. In this five-part blog post series, learn about the many benefits of apprenticeships through the eyes of GLY apprentices both past and present. Each has a unique story to tell!

    apprentice adventures | part 1

    There is no time like the present to start an apprenticeship. Demand continues to grow for trade-related jobs, and unlike many professions these days, construction workers cannot be outsourced. Whether you just graduated from high school and have loved construction since the day you first picked up a hammer or...

  • Cheers to our clients and industry partners, employees, community, friends, and family as the year draws to a close. We wish you happiness during this holiday season and look forward to another exciting year in 2019!

  • Meet GLY's Bob Davis, who completed his apprenticeship one year ago. Now a Carpenter Foreman, Bob strongly encourages others to consider an apprenticeship in construction.

    "Natural talent will only take you so far. Skill is based on training and gives you and the firm you're working for that competitive edge. Be sure to take full advantage of the training opportunities that the apprenticeship program has to offer!" #NAW2018

  • Meet GLY Apprentice Tyler Richardson. Tyler learned about construction at an early age from his father, Terry Richardson, his uncle, Joey Mills, and family friend, Rick Woods. Recognize those names? All three are current GLY team members! His biggest role model is his father, who taught him to work hard, be humble and learn as much as he can ... qualities that every apprentice must have.

    Naturally, Tyler wanted to pursue a career in construction and is now in his 2nd Period. When asked what surprised him most about the program, he said "The amount of unity on the jobsite. Everyone is there to do the same job. If I am struggling, another trade will step in to help me. I have made many friends that I can depend on outside of work as well." hashtag#NAW2018

  • Interested in becoming an apprentice? Check out this useful handbook!

  • Apprenticeships are unique in that you EARN while you LEARN. There's no better way to learn a trade and start a life-long career than getting real life, hands-on experience. As an apprentice in construction, you get to problem solve with some of the best ... and get paid along the way!

    GLY's Matt Limes has been an apprentice for about three years and hopes to be a Superintendent someday. After serving in the military, Matt moved to Washington and joined the Carpenters Union. In his first year, he was able to work under the mentorship of a good friend. Now at GLY, Matt says "The mentoring mentality continues. My General Foreman and Superintendent consistently help advance my skill-set and give me a better understanding of what it means to be a quality construction worker."

  • Happy National Apprenticeship Week! We're celebrating the hard work of each and every one of our 80+ apprentices, the apprentices that have journeyed out, and the many team members that play a role in training, teaching and mentoring. Meet Carpenter Foreman Elie Egan, who completed the apprenticeship program in June. Elie signed up for the Carpenters Apprenticeship after considering a complete change in career paths. After getting some construction experience under her belt, she became fascinated with the sheer amount of skills, knowledge, planning and coordination required to raise a building—and she was officially hooked. Elie feels lucky and excited to be part of the construction world since she knows she will never have a boring day. There is always more to learn ... and there will always be new challenges.

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