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  • “Favorite folders have (finally) arrived! No need to pinch yourself. This is not a dream. Favorite folders are now live across Imgur desktop, Android, and iPhone.

    Log on today and begin your quest to collect the magic of the internet.

    Collect the Magic of the Internet with Favorite Folders

    Favorite folders have (finally) landed in your Imgur profile! That's right - the days of disorganization are behind us. Favorite folders are now live across Imgur desktop, Android, and iPhone. No need to pinch yourself. This is not a dream. Favorite folders are near and dear to our hearts.

  • We are really excited about our new design and product updates! Several teams worked tirelessly to ship these products before the end of 2017. We are very proud of all the work our teams did to make Imgur 3.0 a reality.

    Your next news feed addiction could come from ... Imgur?

    Let's be real: Social media as we know it is all about the followers. The more followers, the more likes, and we yearn for those double-digits on Instagram, triple-digits on Facebook, and the increasing follower count on Twitter and Snapchat. Imgur (pronounced Image-ur) is trying to change that.

  • More information on our new #snacks! Learn how to use snacks everyday.

    How to Use Imgur Snacks, the App's New Stories-Style Feature

    Snapchat may have invented the Stories format, but it didn't take long for the rest of the internet to steal the idea. Now even Imgur, the meme haven originally created as an image-hosting service for Reddit, is offering its own take on Stories with a new feature called Snacks.

  • Happy Valentine's Day! Celebrate with Imgur Valentine's Day cards for the meme lover(s) in your life.

    Imgur Valentine's Day cards for the meme lover in your life.

    Album with topic of Valentines Day, tagged with and ; uploaded by sarah. Imgur Valentine's Day cards for the meme lover in your life.


    Imgur unveils new app features so you can finally chat with users

    The internet's beloved image sharing community is getting some swanky new features. On Tuesday, the Imgur team announced via a blog post that a few of their most highly requested features will finally be available in the Imgur app, with some improvements to the desktop site as well.


    Alan Schaaf, $7 investments, and the future of AI - VB Engage

    This week, we bring you the first VB Engage to have been recorded live on stage!That's right: At Web Summit in Lisbon earlier this year, we got to interview Alan Schaaf of internet phenomenon Imgu


    These Were the Hottest Apps, Games and Gadgets of 2016

    History will remember 2016 as when digital became a constant overlay to real life, with presidential candidates trolling one another on social media before and after debates while mobile game players chased Pokemon Go characters from one end of town to the next.

  • ICYMI, our fabulous Founder + CEO, Alan Schaaf, is taking the stage at Web Summit to spread the love for Imgur and talk about the awesomeness that is geek culture!

    Imgur's Alan Schaaf will speak fluent 'geek' with VB Engage at Web Summit

    VB Engage -- VentureBeat's brutally honest marketing podcast -- is going "live" on stage at Web Summit for the very first time in November, and our guest of honor will be none other than Alan Schaaf, CEO and cofounder of the phenom that is Imgur.


    These Marketers, Content Producers and Entertainers Under 40 Are Shaping the Industry

    The 2016 class of Young Influentials features an impressive lineup of mind-blowing talent, all game changers under 40 who've made waves in the worlds of media, marketing, technology and entertainment. Featured on our cover is actor, writer and musician Donald Glover, who also is the creator and star of FX's critically acclaimed dramedy Atlanta.


    4 Ways Brands Can Participate in Geek Culture

    You can't market to them, so best to join them. Two important events are about to converge in the geek/nerd community: gaming's Fall launch season, and the releases of Disney's Doctor Strange and Star Wars: Rogue One. Brands will no doubt attempt to surf the impending tide of virality that this media will generate, as well as they should.

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