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  • Meet some of our amazing Service Corps volunteers who are advancing tech education in Nepal:

    Not Our First Rodeo - Intel Employee Service Corps in Nepal

    If we'd had more time to prep, I would have come up with some kind of "Fantastic Four" inspired logo for the team headed to Nepal. There are four people on site (the gender ratio even matches up!), we had four weeks to prep for deployment, and we're also the fourth team on the ground from the Intel Employee Service Corps (IESC).

  • Thinking back on our heritage in honor of the upcoming 50th anniversary: Intel Penang (1972). From modest beginnings to one of Intel's largest assembly sites and home to a design and development center: #Intel50Years

    Intel at 50: The Penang Fire and Recovery | Intel Newsroom

    " Download all images (ZIP, 4 MB) In 1972, Intel launched its first production facility outside the United States, a 5-acre assembly site in Penang, Malaysia. The facility proved a quick success: By 1975, Intel Penang employed about 1,000 people and had become a crucial part of the company's manufacturing chain.

  • Don't feel like you belong in tech? Here's how to put aside fear and make the most of the opportunities that await you:

    Fearless Girls: More Women Should Say Yes to Jobs in STEM

    You're probably aware of the decline in participation by young women and underrepresented minorities in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education in the U.S. However, as a woman and Intel executive, I'm equally concerned about what I call the leaky pipe -the attrition rate of women leaving the jobs we already have in technology fields.

  • Emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and 5G are enabling value based healthcare, improving patient treatment at reduced cost. Learn more about the future of medicine:

    A Foot in Each Canoe! Remote Care Can Help Health Systems Find Their Balance - IoT@Intel

    Providers are trying to navigate the troubled waters of healthcare with "a foot in each canoe"1. In one canoe rides the lion's share of their patient population for whom care is paid for in the legacy 'fee-for-service' model. In the other new, and unpredictable, 'value-based' canoe, providers can see large monetary gains or losses based [...]Read More...

  • We’re kicking off our 50th anniversary celebrations reminiscing our journey built on Robert Noyce’s inspiring challenge: “Don’t be encumbered by history, go off and do something wonderful.” #Intel50Years

  • Want the best STEM career possible? Sandra Lopez – (M)VP of Intel Sports Group – breaks down what it takes to become an all-star player in tech:

    4 Valuable Pieces of Advice for Women Who Want to Work in STEM, From a Female Intel VP

    Last week I had the pleasure of chatting with Intel VP, Sandra Lopez, about cutting-edge immersive media technology. In the presence of such a powerful woman - a vibe I could feel through the phone, and on opposite ends of the country - I felt obligated to share her wisdom with young women aspiring to become engineers or get into the tech field in any capacity.

  • What hinges on the advancement of 5G? Smartphones to self-driving cars and every industry in between. Learn more:

    5G Is Key to Fully Realizing Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

    The automotive and transportation industries are experiencing a metamorphosis. Historically, vehicles have been isolated chunks of metal, with no ability to interact with each other or the world around them. But a new vision is becoming reality: Connected vehicles and autonomous vehicles.

  • For Engineering Manager Aleksander Stankiewicz, working on "magic" technology means every day is a new adventure:

    A true adventure and a tremendous responsibility - We Are Intel

    This blog was posted on behalf of Aleksander Stankiewicz who is an Engineering Manager at Intel Gdansk, working as part of a Datacenter Connectivity team who enable Intel's networking product customers to unleash powerful solutions using Intel Ethernet products. The team is engaged everywhere where high speed Ethernet is needed from Autonomous driving, 5G mobile network, supercomputers.

  • What do you get when engineers reimagine fireworks? Fantastical drone displays. Learn more about next-generation entertainment:

    Beyond Fireworks: The Next Generation of Drone Light Shows | Intel Newsroom

    By Anil Nanduri For the last 1,400 years, fireworks were predominantly the only way audiences could experience a light show in the sky. Now, in the 21st century, welcome to the next generation of light shows, thanks to Intel drone light show technology. From performances on one of the largest international stages - the opening ...

  • “If that car had stayed in its lane, my brother would still be here today.” Chief Strategist Patti Robb shares her deeply personal motivation for advancing safe and effective autonomous vehicles:

    Following Tragic Accident, a Personal Connection to Building Autonomous Cars | Intel Newsroom

    How she'd describe her work to a 10-year-old: "I am the leader of the garages where Intel and its partners are developing cars that drive themselves." More: Read about all Intel Innovators Where the autonomous rubber meets the road: "I'm leading an engineering team to develop innovative technology and build out our test fleet of ...

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