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  • At John Deere's VR labs, the Customer and Product Support teams are designing tractors that will make farming easier for future generations.

    Using Virtual Reality to Build the Next Generation Tractor | The John Deere Journal

    At John Deere's VR labs, the Customer and Product Support teams are designing tractors that will make farming easier for future generations. When designing a tractor, it's difficult to foresee every challenge a customer might experience using the machine.

  • #FunFactFriday! In 1918, Deere & Company entered the tractor business by acquiring the maker of Waterloo Boy Tractors which was then showcased in Salina, KS, at the nation's largest tractor demonstration with a display featuring the Model "N" and "ice water on tap."

  • Craig Sutton, Manager, Manufacturing Innovation and Technology Center and his team are taking the parts design process to new heights at Deere with #3Dprinting. And it could be a game-changer for how Deere supports its customers. “We’re looking at a situation where we could have spare parts on demand. Someday dealers could have this technology and then we are addressing and meeting a customer’s uptime concerns immediately," said Christopher Myers, Vice President, Advanced Technology and Engineering.

    3D Printing Changes the Shape of Manufacturing | The John Deere Journal

    See how John Deere is exploring the potential of this fascinating technology. Fifteen years ago, 3D printing was used mainly by John Deere's plastic engineering group to provide prototypes to engineers designing plastic parts. Back then, the MTIC 3D printing activities would have been considered the best kept secret in the company.

  • #FunFactFriday: The John Deere Art Collection dates to the purchase of copper deer statues in the 1890s. Today the Company has over 2,000 diverse artworks of various media. In 2014, Deere & Company was inducted into the Business Council on the Arts Hall of Fame.

  • In this special episode of MashTalk, John Stone, SVP of Intelligent Solutions for Deere, sits down with Pete Pachal, Tech Editor for Mashable, to discuss how technology is revolutionizing farming practices. “Our technologies are not toys and gadgets,” says Stone. “People earn their livelihood with the things we’ve designed and developed. We’ve got self-driving vehicles. We’ve got AI imbedded in some of our machines that are helping farmers make better decisions and run a better business.” “....these technologies are taking care of the plants that become your food”.

    How John Deere's autonomous vehicles are besting self-driving concept cars

    In this special edition of MashTalk, Mashable sits down with John Stone, Senior Vice President of Intelligent Solutions for John Deere, at CES 2019. Stone discusses how the latest models of autonomous vehicles are revolutionizing farming practices and decreasing stress on laborers.

  • In 2016, the John Deere Foundation provided a $1.5 million grant to United Way Worldwide, launching a formal citizenship program in France, Germany, Poland, and Spain. Deere’s work with United Way in Europe is focused on food security in its communities, and empowering youth through education. Today, employee volunteers are supporting that commitment through projects such as food drives and mentorship programs. Learn more about their efforts in the John Deere Journal:

  • For Deere's Emmanuel Rivera, the move from engineering to human resources has given him a unique perspective on what it means to foster a more diverse workforce in STEM-related careers. Rivera is among three of 20 engineers profiled on NBC News Learn’s “Discovering You: Engineering Your World” video series: Thank you for sharing your story, Emmanuel!

  • Thank you Gaylord, for your 52 years of dedicated service with us in Waterloo. “He bleeds green,” said Kelly Henderson, communications and visitor services manager in Waterloo. He and his wife Vicky farm near Frederika. “His wife’s comment was he builds for John Deere all day long and he goes home and drives a John Deere all night.”

    Worker looks back on 52 years working at Waterloo John Deere plant

    WATERLOO - After 52 years working for John Deere, Gaylord Converse was ready to turn over the keys to his boss. "Gaylord stopped me last week and said. 'It's all yours after next week, Dave!'" said Dave DeVault, general manager of John Deere's Waterloo operations. Converse, of Frederika, retired at the end of January.

  • Today and everyday, we celebrate the many women throughout our company, like Rosalind Fox, Factory Manager for Des Moines Works, who blaze their own trails. #internationalwomensday Read how the first black female factory manager in John Deere history is leading by example with hard work and perseverance:

  • #FunFactFriday: John Deere's Waterloo Fire Brigade is the facility's longstanding emergency response team. When the unit was first formed nearly 70 years ago, it had a working fire truck and handled any issue a fire department would take on.

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