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  • With our top dog Otis running around, nearly every day is Bring Your Dog To Work Day here at KRT HQ!

  • NEW: Check out these updates to Indeed company pages

    Indeed Company Pages: New Features & Premium Options

    In May, Indeed rolled out their new Company Pages and released beta versions of the Premium Company Pages that employers will be able to purchase soon. The updated pages allow for employers to add more custom content while giving the look of the pages a nice facelift.

  • How can you reach job seekers after they've left your career site? Retargeting! Learn more.

    Retargeting Candidates on Social Media: How It Can Help You Hire

    Have you ever been shopping online and then you come across an ad that shows you the exact product you were about to buy? Congratulations, you've been retargeted. This is not a new thing in the ecommerce industry, but have you thought about the ramifications of what a retargeting campaign can do in the realm of recruitment marketing?

  • An engaged team is a productive one! Check out these 9 ideas to encourage employee engagement.

    Employee Engagement: 9 Tips to Try at Your Workplace

    What is employee engagement? Employee engagement is the measure of how determined employees are to get quality work done. Engaged businesses provide an inclusive environment for all employees to encourage empowerment and develop new skills. Keeping employees engaged means that employees can receive periodic constructive feedback and improve their knowledge within the business.

  • Big data is useless if you don't understand it. Check out these five data visualization tools!

    5 Data Visualization Tools for Recruitment Advertising

    Big data and the growing access we have to information has made artificial intelligence possible and brought technological change across all industries. However, all the data in the world is useless (in fact, data may even become a liability) if you fail to understand it.

  • Instagram is one of the best channels for showcasing your employer brand and company culture. Try these three content ideas!

    Instagram for Recruitment: 3 Things You MUST Try

    Are you one of the many companies who have been ignoring the power of Instagram for recruitment? Or are you looking to find ways to make your strategy stand out to job seekers? The popularity of Instagram has grown tremendously over the past few years, now reaching 500 million active daily users.

  • It's crucial that recruiters are mindful of unconscious age bias in the hiring process. Learn how to explore and undo:

    Overcoming Unconscious Age Bias in Recruiting - KRT Marketing Blog

    Almost everyone in the recruitment space knows age bias and discrimination have been hot button topics in recent months. Just two weeks ago, WSJ published an in-depth article about a class-action lawsuit (filed in April 2016) against Big 4 accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers, in which the plaintiff (aged 40+) alleges he was denied employment, due to "systemic discrimination against older applicants for accounting positions."

  • Striving for workforce diversity can start as early in the hiring process as how you write your job postings and where you post them! Read more

    Achieving Workforce Diversity: Sourcing Tips and Advice

    How can my company achieve greater workforce diversity? Although that might seem like the million-dollar question, there are quite a few simple steps that a company can take to make themselves more diverse. Below you will find a handful of tips that can help your company take larger strides toward diversifying your workforce.

  • Blockchain is more than just cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. See how this technology can disrupt the recruitment industry.

    Bitcoin, Blockchain, And Recruitment? - KRT Marketing Blog

    It's almost impossible to avoid hearing about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with the hype surrounding today's volatile cryptocurrency market. Everywhere you look, there's a news segment, article, or pundit detailing the latest bitcoin upswing or crash. Whether bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies are in a bubble is a matter of debate, but there's no denying the innovative new technology that powers these coins: the blockchain.

  • Veteran recruiting is constantly evolving. We're interviewing three veterans to get their take. First up is our own Ivan Vega, U.S. Navy veteran.

    Veteran Recruiting: How It Has Changed and Where It Is Headed (Part 1 of 3) - KRT Marketing Blog

    (Pictured: KRT Marketing Media Analyst Ivan Vega, right) It's no secret that the demand for veteran talent is at an all-time high. The unemployment rate for veterans has plummeted from 12.1% in 2011 to nearly 3.7% in 2017. Why is this? Veterans come with a unique set of skills making them great assets to teams in any industry.

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