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  • Fill your pipeline with quality candidates - try #landingpages for #recruitment! Here's everything you need to know to get started.

    Landing Pages for Recruitment: How To Attract High-Quality Candidates

    Finding high-quality candidates can be difficult - there are so many ways to connect with an audience it can be hard to know where to start. How can you maximize your recruitment media spend and efforts? Get data-driven with tactics like conversion-friendly landing pages for recruitment.

  • Want to engage with your talent network? Try an enewsletter program! Learn how you can keep your employer brand top of mind.

    Enewsletter Case Study: Engaging Talent Networks With Email

    Candidates in your network can be kept engaged through relevant emails such as a regular enewsletter. Depending on the content, email can sometimes be a more effective way to acquire customers, applications and hires more than social media. According to SmashFly, 74% of candidates begin the application process but fail to complete it.

  • It's been proven - job seekers consider employee reviews before picking a place to work! Learn how to make the most of your Glassdoor strategy.

    Glassdoor Strategy: Responding to Reviews, Analysis, and Taking Action

    In the age of online reviews - Yelp for shops and services, Amazon for products, and Trip Advisor for travel - individuals are constantly seeking feedback and advice before making purchasing decisions. This is no different for job seekers!

  • Don't count out #radio for #recruitment just yet! See how it can help if your regular go-to media need a boost.

    Traditional Radio for Recruitment Still Works! How to Track Your Results

    If your go-to media isn't quite hitting the mark when it comes to applications, consider radio for recruitment. Learn how to track your efforts.

  • It takes more than just free food and other perks to be a “Best Place to Work.” Not to toot our own horns, but here’s how we did it!

  • Hamilton can teach you about more than just U.S. history! See how you can apply its themes to recruitment.

    3 Recruitment Lessons You Can Learn From Hamilton

    When are these colonies companies gonna rise up? How does a "bastard, orphan, son of a whore, and a Scotsman" inspire and challenge companies in their recruitment practices? Creator and Broadway star Lin-Manuel Miranda's record-breaking Hamilton: An American Musical has taken the world by storm in its musical innovation and empowering message since its premiere in 2015.

  • The robot “takeover” is here – AI is transforming how companies think and work! Check out these 17 tools for talent acquisition

    Artificial Intelligence Tools for Talent Acquisition and How to Evaluate Them

    Over the past few months, I've been researching artificial intelligence tools for talent acquisition to better understand the scope of capabilities and effectiveness in the marketplace. From automation, to job matching and chat bots, AI is transforming the way companies think and work.

  • Ready or not, the power of #blockchain technology is coming to #recruitment. See how it works!

    Bitcoin, Blockchain, And Recruitment? - KRT Marketing - Recruitment Advertising Blog

    It's almost impossible to avoid hearing about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with the hype surrounding today's volatile cryptocurrency market. Everywhere you look, there's a news segment, article, or pundit detailing the latest bitcoin upswing or crash. Whether bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies are in a bubble is a matter of debate, but there's no denying the innovative new technology that powers these coins: the blockchain.

  • Trying to attract candidates from different generations? Make sure to tailor your recruitment message!

    Generational Recruiting: How to Tailor Your Message Across Generations

    We've talked in the past about how to best communicate internally when your workplace has employees from multiple generations (as most do). In short, the key is to ask the right questions, listen to what your colleagues have to say, and remember to tailor your message to the right audience.

  • Do you work with remote employees or are you thinking about hiring some? Be sure to keep them engaged and connected with other teammates. Here’s how:

    How to Successfully Hire and Manage Remote Employees

    We live in a technology-driven world. With the advance of technology, we now have the ability to work with anyone, anywhere in the world. Between online courses, workers taking remote years and younger generations constantly on the move, it can be difficult to find the perfect candidate or employee locally.

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