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  • Diverse skill sets are essential to the semiconductor industry. Military veterans and the skills, experience and values they embody can often be a great fit for Lam.Learn about a current Lam employee and military veteran:

    From Military Pilot to Semi Equipment Production Planner

    What do the military and the semiconductor industry have in common? More than you might think! In terms of the type of work, they are "worlds away," and yet many of the skills developed during military service are transferable to corporate roles. A great example comes from a recent profile published in G.I.

  • High fashion has incorporated smart technology into clothing to showcase visual effects for years. This may be the next major trend for the consumer wearables industry. See how this technology is becoming a reality on our blog:

    Taking Smart Fashion Mainstream

    The next major trend in consumer wearables may be smart fashion. One designer at the 2016 Met Gala showcased a dress with embedded LED lights that changed colors based on reactions from Twitter followers.

  • Lam Research Taiwan received a social service award in recognition of supporting National Central Library's Four Season Talk program! Lam's Daniel Liao was invited to attend the award ceremony held by the Library Association of The Republic of China.

  • We sat down with four female Lam engineers to talk about why they chose the engineering field, how they knew Lam was the right fit for them, and any advice they have for young women with similar career interests!

    Women Engineers in Asia Share Career Experiences and Advice

    Thinking of a career in a science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM) field? The information we collected during interviews with four of Lam's women engineers working in our Asia offices just might help you decide.

  • The complexity of today's advanced chips requires transistors and other structures that are smaller and more densely packed than ever before. See our blog for an in-depth look at different multiple patterning methods:

    Continued Scaling with Multiple Patterning

    Did you know that different patterns require different types of multiple patterning? Today's advanced chips are more complex than ever before, with transistors and other structures that are smaller and more densely packed. To create those tiny features, chipmakers have developed multiple multiple patterning strategies that enable much finer dimensions than current lithography can achieve.

  • Did you know today's advanced chips can have critical dimensions a mere ~50 atoms wide? Research about atoms has come a long way. Learn more about the promising advances of ALE in a Tech Brief on our blog:

    Tech Brief: All About ALE

    Greek philosopher Democritus (460-370 BC) first proposed the existence of an ultimate particle, which he described as "atomos." He probably never dreamed that one day there would be devices so small and complex that they require atomic-scale processing.

  • We have a video on this year's Lam Thesis Award, which recognizes academic excellence in engineering, science & technology. Our winners share their dreams & goals for the future, and discuss highlights from their trip to the US:

    Congratulations to Lam's 2016 Asia Thesis Award Winners

    We are so proud to introduce some winners of this year's Lam Thesis Award, which recognizes academic excellence in engineering, science, and technology. Take a look at this video, spotlighting our Asia award winners.

  • Happy Halloween! Check out our latest blog to learn about technologies to help amp up your Halloween celebrations with semiconductor-enabled technology:

    Spooky Science - Tech or Treat!

    The lines between science fiction and reality continue to blur thanks to technological advances in devices like thermal imaging equipment, 3D printing, and even neural implants.

  • 400 kids joined us at our Fremont and Livermore campuses for Bring Our Children to Work Day to learn more about Lam technology through lab and building tours, interactive sessions, and of course bunny suits! Video on our blog:

    Fusing Technology and Fun: Bring Our Children to Work Day 2016

    For the third year in a row, hundreds of kids hopped around in bunny suits, learned about technology, and had an all-around fun time at Lam's Bring Our Children to Work Day 2016.

  • Employees from our Tualatin and Fremont offices organized four recent volunteer events; they lent helping hands at the Oregon Food Bank and Resource Area for Teaching (RAFT), removing litter and planting trees. Great work!

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