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  • Telecommunications technology has come a long way since Alexander Graham Bell executed the world's first phone call in 1876. Read this week's blog to learn about the vital role of semiconductors in its development:

    Semiconductors in Wireless Communications

    "Mr. Watson, come here. I want to see you," are the familiar words of Alexander Graham Bell to his assistant during the world's very first phone call on March 10, 1876. Shortly after this now famous experiment, Bell predicted that "the day is coming when telegraph wires will be laid onto houses just like water and gas - and friends will converse with each other without leaving home."

  • When you're part of Lam's manufacturing department, you play a vital role in building some of the most complicated products in the world – learn what it's like to work here:

    High-Tech Manufacturing Careers Offer Variety and Challenge

    At Lam Research, our manufacturing employees play a vital role in building some of the most complicated products in the world - chipmaking equipment that is used to make the devices we enjoy every day. From production managers and pilot test engineers to assembly specialists and test technicians, these professionals truly enjoy the variety of activities and challenges they face each day at work.

  • Read this week's blog to learn about the innovations enabled by atomic layer deposition: Atomic layer deposition is being used for many applications as an extremely precise and controllable process for creating thin films!

    Tech Brief: A Look at Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD)

    Imagine being able to deposit a film of material just a few atomic layers at a time. As impossible as that sounds, atomic layer deposition (ALD) is a reality.

  • We believe that happy, successful lives are greatly enabled by an active lifestyle, which is why we began the Lam Research Heart & Soles race. Check out our blog for a run-down on this year's event:

    Heart & Soles 2017 - Where Kids Are the Real Winners!

    Good health and happy, successful lives go hand in hand - and healthy choices stick better when we learn them as children. That's why we joined the Silicon Valley Leadership Group Foundation in starting the Lam Research Heart & Soles Run, which is dedicated to helping local children learn healthy lifestyles.

  • Take a look at what new technologies are cooking in the kitchen these days, on our latest blog:

    Silicon Snack: Food Preparation - Taste the Future

    Household kitchens have been revolutionized by chips (we're talking the non-edible kind). Some of us may bask in fond memories of "low-tech" cooking like toasting marshmallows over an open fire, but these days, high-tech innovations can take your cooking to new levels.

  • Long before Taiwan became the semiconductor industry powerhouse it is today, Lam Research Taiwan was founded in Hsinchu. Check out our blog to read about Lam Research Taiwan:

    Profile: Lam Research Taiwan

    Home to leading foundries, IC manufacturers, and design houses, Taiwan is one of the world's largest producers of semiconductor chips. Back in 1992 - long before Taiwan became the semiconductor industry powerhouse it is today - Lam Research Taiwan (LRT) was founded.

  • Did you know that our Oregon office has been running since 2001, has a 58-acre campus, and is Tualatin's largest employer in the private sector. Learn what it's like to work for Lam Research Oregon on our blog:

    Profile: Lam Research Oregon

    Located in the heart of Oregon's "Silicon Forest," Lam's 58-acre Tualatin campus is about 15 miles southwest of downtown Portland and has been in operation since 2001. Lam Research is the only major semiconductor equipment manufacturer with significant operations in Oregon, and we are Tualatin's largest employer in the private sector.

  • As wearable technology advances to better accomodate our lives and needs, screen-free wearables are becoming more advanced. Check out our blog for more insight:

  • We're honored to have received this year's East Bay Innovation Award for the Advanced Manufacturing category! The annual event celebrates companies that make the East Bay such a prominent hub for innovation.

  • When you work in Lam's manufacturing departments, you make it possible for chip makers to get the equipment they need. Looking to work at the forefront of semiconductor innovation? Check out our open manufacturing jobs:

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