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  • "Lose It! supports my work-life balance better than I do.” At Lose It!, we know there's life outside of work — and that makes all the difference to our team. See how our team comes together to support each other in and out of the office in this Built In Boston spotlight!


    Here and now: How Lose It! helps their employees turn daydreams into reality

    For most of us in the working world, plans to travel the world or even to hit the gym more often are relegated to the daydream land of someday, where deadlines, errands and excuses are all-consuming.

  • We're excited to announce that Lose It! Product Manager Austin Wright will be speaking as a panelist at the upcoming #MobileGrowth event on April 10th. Join us for a night of growth stories, strategy discussion, and pizza! RSVP through the link below.

    Mobile Growth Boston with Aetna and Lose It! at Apptopia

    Mobile Growth powered by Branch Boston presents Mobile Growth Boston with Aetna and Lose It! at Apptopia | April 10, 2019. Find event and ticket information.

  • We are excited to announce that our Director of Data Science Edward Will Lowe Ph.D. will be speaking at the GPU Technology Conference in Silicon Valley next week! Learn more about his session and the event itself here: http://glassdoor.com/slink.htm?key=vMCjr

    #Datascience #GPU

    Transforming Matter at Extreme Conditions: Crystallization and Self-Assembly for New Materials

    Nucleation is ubiquitous, the start of numerous phase-transition processes such as the growth of a crystal seed from a liquid during freezing, the spontaneous self-assembly of a virus from protein subunits, and the onset of the early inflationary universe shortly after the big bang. We'll discuss how we're exploring the limits of nucleation theory.

  • VentureFizz created a virtual tour of the Lose It! headquarters. Check out our office space located in the heart of Boston and see what it's like!

    Lose It! Office Tour in Boston

    is an app that helps folks count their calories and, in turn, help them get in shape. The app has been downloaded by 35M+ people and it has assisted users losing 75M+ pounds. For those who are curious to learn more about the company, we spoke to Lose It!'s Founder & CEO Charles Teague for the VentureFizz Podcast.

  • With moving into a new office, growing our team, and launching our international initiative (both in-app and in-person), 2018 was a pretty great year at Lose It!

    Check out this infographic that shows Lose It! 2018 year in review. We can't wait to see what 2019 has to hold for us!


    2018: Lose It! Year in Review - The Secret Ingredient

    2018, you da real MVP. This was a big year for us as a company! We've officially spent a year in our new office, hired like crazy (huge for a slow-growth company like us), gone international (both in the app and with our coworkers) and blown our logging records out of the water (#billions).

  • Congrats to our member Erin for her awesome feature on the Today Show! Erin used embodyDNA to get helpful insights on how to feel better and lose weight for her wedding.

    Watch the video and see her story and her advice on our blog!

    How Erin Used Lose It! and embodyDNA to Lose 18 lbs Before Her Wedding - As Seen on the TODAY Show! - The Secret Ingredient

    Erin, a Chemist from New Jersey, has lost 18 pounds with Lose It! Premium and embodyDNA and shared her story on the TODAY Show! Be inspired by how she found success before her big day! What date did you first start using Lose It!? First day: April 2017 (seriously at least).

  • We’re proud to be named one of Built In Boston’s Best Places to Work in 2019! See what Lose It! has to offer and learn about open opportunities at: http://glassdoor.com/slink.htm?key=vQ31f

    Best Places | Built In Boston

    Carbon Black is a leading provider of next-generation endpoint security, leveraging breakthrough prevention technology to instantly see and stop cyberattacks before they execute. With more than 13 million endpoints under management, and more than 4300 customers-including 30 of the Fortune 100-the opportunities are massive and exciting.

  • Lose It! CEO Charles Teague was quoted in this article by AskMen highlighting career advice from top executives. Check out what Charles has to say about looking beyond compensation when making career moves in 2019!


    28 Executives Share Their Best Career Advice for 2019

    Transitioning from one year to another isn't merely about popping champagne and aspiring to drop weight, build muscle, or finally make it to Asia. Rather, it's an opportunity to redefine and reconsider your career path, focusing not only on where you've been, but where you hope to go, too.

  • Meet Marissa, the first female engineer to join the Lose It! team in 2016. Hear what she has to say about what it's like to work here and the advice she has for other engineers entering the workforce!


    #engineers #femaleengineers

    Meet Marissa Allen: Lose It!'s First Female Engineer - The Secret Ingredient

    Here at Lose It!, we spent a good 7 years without a woman on the engineering team. That's why we're especially excited to introduce you to Marissa Allen, our first female Software Engineer! Marissa joined Lose It! two years ago and feels totally at home with the Lose It!

  • http://glassdoor.com/slink.htm?key=vQ3lN

    Check out this Mixergy podcast featuring our CEO to learn about how the company started, our challenges along the way and our vision for the future.

    From an App Idea to a Profitable Business: An Interview with the CEO - The Secret Ingredient

    Our CEO Charles Teague met with the folks from Mixergy to look back on the journey of Lose It! and how we've helped our members lose over 70 million pounds. Erin Webster Hi, I'm Erin! I have been leading the marketing team at Lose It!

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