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  • We're pretty in love with our office in San Mateo as well. ❤️

    20 Coolest Offices in America

    Office Space Office Space Move over, Apple and Google. Companies across the country are investing heavily in creating cool office spaces for employees. From bold pops of yellow in Bumble's Austin offices to futuristic conference rooms at Ford in Washington D.C, employers are tricking out their office spaces to hire and retain top talent.

  • “It’s make-or-break time now, one bad experience can really hurt your brand.”

    How do you know the economy is great? Customer service is terrible.

    For evidence that it's tough to find good help these days in a tight U.S. job market, try ordering a chicken sandwich. That's according to Marcus Boyd, 40, a Maryland resident who sought one recently at a Bethesda chicken joint. He recalls waiting for the cashier to correct a flubbed order, straining to make eye contact.

  • Welcome, Leslie Stretch, our new CEO:

    Medallia Hires Industry Veteran Leslie Stretch As New CEO Ahead Of Imminent IPO

    Billion-dollar customer feedback company Medallia is bringing in a new CEO ahead of a possible IPO in early 2019. The 17-year-old software company based in San Mateo, California, has tapped Leslie Stretch as its new chief executive. Outgoing CEO Borge Hald, who cofounded the company with spouse Amy Pressman, will move into the role of executive chairman and chief strategy officer.

  • Get firsthand insights from our CX Advisory Partners on strategy, training and change management on our 10+ city ThinkCX roadshow. First stop, San Mateo, California on September 12th.

  • "Millennials and Gen X consumers are more likely than older consumers to feel their expectations have been met by many brands."

    Customer Experience Execs Adapting to Millennial Expectations - eMarketer

    Millennials have been the focus of advertisers, retailers and media for over a decade. Marketers are recognizing this massive shift, but not all are capable of meeting the expectations of younger consumers.

  • Meet Nick Biddle, and hear his thoughts on inclusivity, adversity, and how his passion for drag has dovetailed with his professional growth at Medallia:

  • Check out Medallia's new digs in NYC!

  • In the United States, 1 out of 6 mobile network customers said their providers failed to meet their expectations.

    Can You Hear Me Now? Some Mobile Consumers Want Better CX

    A new study says mobile phone customers are among the quickest to jump ship when they experience bad customer service. With long-term service contracts becoming a thing of the past, consumers know they're freer than ever to find a new provider.

  • VoC will benefit from AI in three key ways: new data, pitch and tone analysis to understand disposition, and mining videos at scale.

    How AI Is Impacting the Voice of the Customer Landscape

    Voice of the Customer (VoC) programs enable business leaders to gather the critical customer feedback they need to address customer concerns and shape the future of their products. Traditional VoC programs are one-on-one interview based and can generate volumes of unstructured customer interview data.

  • “I saw Path Forward as a way to help Medallians see that you can still be a very qualified candidate and make a really meaningful contribution even if you have a gap in your resume.” Lauren Jackman, Director of Global Inclusion and Diversity Practice at Medallia.

    'Returnships' Make Rejoining the Workforce a Reality |

    With the economy barreling full-steam ahead and jobless numbers at record lows, employers are struggling to meet the demand for skilled workers. A growing number of organizations are recognizing the value of tapping into the legions of women-and men-who have put their careers on pause to engage in caregiving duties.

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