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  • Fear not, job seekers. Monster will help you find better.

    Opportunity Roars

    Don't worry, job seekers. Monster will help you find better than your bad bosses. Go to to find better jobs now.

  • Many of us have watched the scenes of devastation in Texas and the surrounding areas on the news this week in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. Our thoughts go out to everyone affected by the floods, and Monster will be making a donation to the American Red Cross disaster relief efforts. We’ve heard from many of our colleagues and customers that you want to do something to help personally. We encourage you to take a look at these two resources in order to decide how best to direct your efforts: American Red Cross: Hurricane Harvey: National Public Radio:

    Here's How You Can Help People Affected By Harvey

    Two and a half days after Hurricane Harvey made landfall and dropped more than 2 feet of rain, thousands of people in Houston and along the Gulf Coast have been displaced. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott activated the entire Texas National Guard.

  • “We take pride in our work, and it is hard not to take professional feedback personally.”

    The Right Way To Respond To Constructive Critisim

    Negative feedback can be a good thing. You just have to learn how to use it to your advantage. Elana Lyn Gross, Monster contributor You're minding your own business typing away when you hear (or read) those words no one ever wants to hear: "We should talk."

  • Advice you'll actually want to follow.

    Down-To-Earth Career Advice For Millennials-And Everybody Else

    Do you ever wish you had a savvy big sister you could ask for honest advice about work? Meet Tracey C. Jones, author of 'A Message to Millennials.' Anne Fisher, Monster contributor Millennials have outnumbered every previous generation in the U.S.

  • Want to be like the other 24%? Read on.

    76% Of American Workers Say They Get The "Sunday Night Blues"

    Take back your weekend with these five strategies. Vicki Salemi, Monster Career Expert Everyone in the workforce looks forward to the end of the workweek: When 5 o'clock rolls around on Friday, liberation commences! Well, until Sunday morning, that is.

  • You've only got one chance to make a first impression–don't blow it.

    How to make a great first impression on almost anyone

    Knowing how the brain works can help you wow people and be less boring in interviews and at networking events, says Vanessa Van Edwards in her book "Captivate: The Science of Succeeding with People."

  • “If you rush into the next thing without pausing, you can easily overlook what you really want.”

    Why You Should Take A Sabbatical From Work

    Google employee Rachael O'Meara, author of "Pause: Harnessing the Life-Changing Power of Giving Yourself a Break," says taking a good look in the mirror can help you plot your next career move.

  • If you want to get paid what you’re worth so you can afford the little things in life (like rent, car payments, and the other perks of adulting), you’ve got to push past the awkwardness of salary negotiations.

    College seniors, here's how to negotiate the salary at your first job

    In part seven of this series, college career counselors help new grads master the skill of salary negotiation This is part of an ongoing series of advice for new grads from career counselors. Money might make the world go 'round, but one thing's for sure: No one likes taking about it.

  • Make sure you’re taking care of these five things while you’re hunting for a job!

    Don't Ignore These Essential Steps In Your Job Search

    When you're cranking out as many job applications as you can, it can be tempting to skip a few steps-but these shortcuts might cost you a job.

  • So you can land the job and salary of your dreams, Monster career expert Vicki Salemi shared nine bits of advice for every step of the job search process—from writing your resume to talking salary.

    9 Quick Tips For Getting The Job-And Salary-That's Right For You

    From writing resumes to negotiating salary, Monster career expert Vicki Salemi offers insight for every step of the job search process. You've got your job search going in full swing when, all of a sudden, you hit a roadblock and you don't know what to do.

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