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  • Wealthfront listed Narvar as a 2019 Career-Launching Company �� Are you ready for liftoff? 3...2...1...

    Join the post-purchase movement and break new ground with us! Check out our open roles here -

    2019 Career-Launching Companies List

    Where you work matters. Many people flock to the tech industry because of the potential to make a meaningful impact on the world - and the hope that while doing so they will get to benefit from an IPO.


    Every Hire Has Been a Good One Since This CEO Started Hiring for Values

    Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Hiring for culture fit seems like a no-brainer for businesses looking to hire and keep top talent. Culture is important, but it's fluid, difficult to define in any certain terms. Values, on the other hand, are constant.

  • Buzzfeed interview: Lessons With Amit Sharma CEO Of Narvar

    "Be A Storyteller" 5 Leadership Lessons With Amit Sharma CEO Of Narvar

    I had the pleasure to interview Amit Sharma. Amit is the founder and CEO of Narvar, an enterprise-grade SaaS platform which drives brand loyalty at scale by enabling immersive and emotional post-purchase customer experiences. Prior to founding Narvar, Amit built up decades of experience across supply chain, information technology and business analytics at companies including Apple, Walmart, and Pottery Barn.


    4 Simple Ways Highest-Performing Employees Increase Productivity and Decrease Stress

    It's impossible to overvalue fantastic employees. These team members are always on time. They hand in impeccable work. Their attitudes are always positive and uplifting. And research shows that they also experience less stress. An August VitalSmarts survey of more than 2,000 managers and employees asked them about co-workers they would rate a 10 out of 10.


    Artificial intelligence will be important this holiday shopping season even if shoppers don't know it

    By Customers with questions about their online orders this holiday shopping season may think they're asking a seasonal worker for help, but artificial intelligence (AI) is likely giving them the information they need. Technology of all kinds is being used on the back end of retail, to organize inventory and manage other operational functions.

  • Our founder & CEO, Amit Sharma, shared with Inc. his thoughts on maintaining culture & values as the company scales.

    5 Steps for Rapid Growth (That Won't Sacrifice Your Company's Culture or Values)

    Rapid growth can be great for your balance sheet... but terrible for your company's culture. The following is from Amit Sharma, the founder and CEO of Narvar, a retail tech startup. Prior to founding Narvar he held executive roles at Walmart and Apple -- so yeah, he knows a little about the ins and outs of company culture.

  • Narvar begins its global expansion!

    Narvar Welcomes GoPigeon to Its Global Family | Narvar

    At Narvar, our mission is to simplify the lives of consumers. Though we got our start in the States, we already work with a number of retailers and brands serving their customers around the world. We're now thrilled to announce that we've acquired GoPigeon, an end-to-end logistics management SaaS platform based in India, to begin our global expansion in earnest.

  • CNBC: Our Founder & CEO Amit Sharma explains how Amazon - and consumers - can truly benefit from their Whole Foods acquisition.

    Forget asking Alexa to order groceries. One day she will tell you which ones you want to buy

    Daniel Acker | Bloomberg | Getty Images Whole Foods customers are one step closer to being able to ask Alexa to order their groceries. Whole Foods shareholders voted Wednesday to approve Amazon's acquisition bid, and Amazon announced Thursday it would close the deal Monday. But what if you didn't have to tell Alexa what you wanted?

  • Despite all the hype about the "retail apocalypse", we are bullish on the future of retail. Our VP of Marketing explains where the workforce is heading:

    Five Jobs That Will Transform The Future Of Retail

    It's easy to bemoan the end of brick-and-mortar retail when faced with continued waves of job cuts at companies like Sears and the decline of household names such as Radio Shack and The Limited. Watching the powerful forces on the internet slowly taking over our physical spaces with impersonal efficiency, it's only natural to feel that traditional retail is heading into history.

  • The store of the future is closer than you think: right in your home. Our CEO Amit Sharma explains how technology is supporting this evolution in Harvard Business Review: #futureofretail #ai #ar

    How Retail Can Thrive in a World Without Stores

    Executive Summary Historically, shopping has been a sensory experience. Shoppers gauged quality by the look and feel of a product. It was as much an emotional experience as it was a physical, tactile one. That traditional "personal touch" shopping experience is hard to replicate online.

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