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  • Our Director of Employee Experience, Erica Johnson, recently wrote about what Nitro is doing to try and provide women more opportunities in tech. Check it out!

    On International Women's Day, We're In This Together - Nitro

    Today is no ordinary day. Today, all over the world, people are marching, striking, wearing red, and honoring strong women to elevate the conversation around gender equality in the workplace and elsewhere. This is a particularly important conversation for the tech industry, and Nitro is no exception.

  • Mark Bragg speaks about his role - helping to manage performance through the changes that rapid growth bring.

    An Australian startup coach shares his advice to creating a high performance team

    In sport you either win or you lose. As a coach you are responsible, there is no grey area. The profession sharpens your focus, teaches you to look for anything and everything you can do to improve your team, to get an edge. Coaching is an education in humility, patience and psychological strength.

  • Nitro's Director of Employee Experience speaks to the importance around constantly asking your employees for feedback.

    You really can have a global business and tight-knit team

    Communication technology has changed considerably over the last 10 to 20 years, in fact, it always has done - it's a constant evolutionary process. But we have reached a milestone when it comes to how we how we communicate in business and what it enables us to do.


    Competing for Young IT Talent in the Age of Google and Facebook - Nitro Blog

    Recently I attended a conference where a panel of seasoned CIOs discussed their top priorities for the next year. Security, sustainability, and digital transformation all topped their lists. But the hottest topic of discussion was...IT talent recruiting. In today's hyper-networked, digitalized world, every company needs a great IT team to enable employees with tools that facilitate greater productivity.


    Why Nitro ditched HR for the employee experience - INSIDE HR

    Commercial software development company Nitro has dispensed with traditional HR and embraced a new model around the employee experience in a bid to drive better business results, according to its COO, Gina O'Reilly.


    Day in the Life of a Nitronaut | Enterprise Sales - Nitro Blog

    At Nitro we don't just close a sale, we open a relationship. Our Nitronauts are some of the best in the biz; engaging customers directly and ensuring product adoption and utility in each end-user's experience. In 2016's first installment of a 'Day in the Life of a Nitronaut,' we're giving you a peek inside Nitro's ...

  • Here at Nitro, our interns are making a huge impact on our business. And, they have a lot of fun doing it. Read more about our Marketing and Design interns, Hannah and Eugene.

    Day in the Life of a Nitronaut - Intern Series - Nitro Blog

    Here at Nitro, we recognize and value the importance of internships. Our interns are not grabbing coffee or taking lunch orders-they're contributing to the business and they're doing real (awesome!) work. In today's post for the Day in the life of a Nitronaut series, we're highlighting two of our amazing interns, Hannah Schneider and ...

  • How to Turn Your Employees Into Effective Talent Ambassadors

    Turning your Employees into Effective Talent Ambassadors - Nitro Blog

    Last week, our Director of Talent, Jennifer Trendler, spoke at the Glassdoor Rebels of Recruiting Roadshow tour in San Francisco. Jennifer shared a little bit about our fast-paced hiring climate-in 2014 we hired 80+ people, thus far in 2015 we've hired 50+ people, and as of today, we have 200 Employees across 5 locations worldwide.

  • Meet the team tasked with finding treasure in a sea of chaotic, unstructured data.

    Day in the Life of a Nitronaut | Data Team - Nitro Blog

    In this installation of a 'Day in the Life of a Nitronaut,' we sat down with the two members of the Nitro Data team, Marek Kolodziej, Senior Research Engineer, and Malcolm Greaves, Research Engineer, to get an insider's perspective on what it's like to find treasure out of chaotic, unstructured data.

  • At Nitro, we invest in the development of our employees. From the moment you sign an offer letter, we're thinking of ways to help you propel your career. We've even established a department dedicated to it!

    Day in the Life of a Nitronaut | Learning and Development - Nitro Blog

    At Nitro, one of our guiding principles is "always learning," and we come to work every day with that motto in mind. In the last few months, we created a department dedicated to Learning and Development (L&D), led by Kate Mason and supported by Learning and Development Specialist Trisha Mitzelfelt, to help take our "always ...

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