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  • 5 Ways to Help Healthcare Consumers Find and Choose Your Practice Online: . #CX #ORM

    5 Ways to Help Healthcare Consumers Find and Choose Your Practice Online - | The online reputation management leader

    Healthcare providers: Your success in today's increasingly competitive market hinges on a sound digital strategy. Why? Because the majority - 88% - of healthcare consumers begin their search for providers online. Consumers rely on search engines and review sites to steer their decisions about which practice to visit and which doctor call.

  • CASE STUDY: Bernstein Management Watches #ReputationScore Soar by 2.5x with #ORM #CX

    Bernstein Management Watches Reputation Score Soar by 2.5x with - | The online reputation management leader

    Bernstein Management Corporation is a regional leader in real estate management, investment and development. The company owns and manages an investment portfolio of 93+ properties including 3.8 million square feet of commercial space, and over 6,000 apartments in Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia.

  • Amazon Changes the Game for Voice Assistants with Alexa Blueprints:

    Amazon Changes the Game for Voice Assistants - | The online reputation management leader

    On April 17, Amazon unleashed Alexa Blueprints , a tool that people can use to design their own Alexa skills. Alexa Blueprints promises to allow anyone to personalize their Alexa-enabled products, even if you lack coding skills. This announcement marks a new direction for the Alexa voice assistant.

  • How do you know your organization is top-notch? You win a #StevieAward for Customer Service. Q & A with our VP of Customer Success, Cassie Todd: #CX Nabs 2018 Stevie Award for Customer Service: Q&A with Our VP of Customer Success - | The online reputation management leader

    How do you know your service organization is top-notch? You win a Stevie Award. received an award from The American Business Awards® , in the category of Customer Service Department of the Year for companies with 100+ employees. The American Business Awards® are one of the seven categories of Stevie® Awards, the world's premier business awards.

  • Proud to be included in such an exciting list of great companies for the second year in a row!

    The 2017 Wealthfront Career-Launching Companies List

    Today we are pleased to present our fifth annual list of US mid-sized information technology companies with momentum. We publish this list because it is our responsibility as a financial advisor to provide the advice that maximizes your net worth.


    Infographic: How Millennials and Boomers Choose Doctors

    Millennials outpace boomers when it comes to using google to find doctors and healthcare.


    What You Don't Know About SEO is Hurting Your Online Reputation

    By Pascal Bensoussan, Chief Product Officer, People turn to Google 3 billion times a day for answers - that's over 1 trillion queries a year. It's a reliable, trusted source of information for consumers. So why aren't more businesses taking full advantage of a tool so many use?


    3 Ways to Make Your Content Cut Through Social Media Clutter

    Building a community on social channels isn't what it used to be. When it became apparent that Facebook and other social media channels could be used to connect brands to audiences directly, companies rushed to push out any kind of messaging to connect with their customers. This is especially true of retail locations.


    Meaningless Words to Useful Phrases in Spark - word2phrase - Data Science at

    Introduction to word2phrase When we communicate, we often know that individual words in the correct placements can change the meaning of what we're trying to say. Add "very" in front of an adjective and you place more emphasis on the adjective. Add "york" in after the word "new" and you get a location.


    Infographic: Online Reputation is the New SEO

    Star ratings, online reviews, and accurate business listing all have a direct impact on your company's search rankings. Read our infographic to learn how online reputation affects your SEO.

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