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  • Sagence adds value to the pharma and life sciences industry through data insights. Learn how Sagence designed aspects of a data driven tool to predict the likelihood of success in branded vs generic pharmaceutical patent disputes.

    In Pharma Patent Disputes, Data Rules Over Intuition And (Gasp!) Legal Judgment

    It is a truism that those who study law, rather than business or engineering, are severely allergic to numbers. Please, these young lawyers-in-training beg, don't make us calculate discount rates or (God forbid!) analyze a company's balance sheet.

  • Inclusive is a frequently used word by Sagence employees to describe working at here.

    An Alternative Security Conference Calls Out Lack of Inclusion

    On Tuesday, about 250 people gathered in the event space of Cloudflare's San Francisco headquarters for an unusual security conference-or, perhaps more accurately, one that aimed to modernize the longstanding tradition in security of creating alternative, transgressive gatherings.

  • Can you think of 10 more?

    Top 10 reasons which separate data science from big data analytics and business analytics |

    With the advent of data and technology turning into big scale businesses, the world has changed. Technology and business have coupled together to form a huge sphere which has engulfed the world community. Both the elements of business and technology are connected and related to each other in a vast number of ways.

  • Sagence recently hosted a group of sophomores for Notre Dame's ITAO Spring Career Trek. We had a great time discussing the pros and cons of working for a boutique data consultancy like ours vs large, established firms.

    Notre Dame ITAO Career Trek with Sagence

    Notre Dame's ITAO Career Trek Chicago is an excellent opportunity to learn about a career as a management consultant with Sagence. Every year Sagence hosts several summer interns for a hands-on opportunity to live the day-in-the-life of a data management consultant. Learn more about our internships.

  • You might be a data geek like us if you enjoy this article as much as we did.

    Physics Explains Why No One Can Beat the Freeze

    The only thing I know about the Freeze is that no one can beat the Freeze (except with a generous head start). And he's awesome. In case you haven't seen, the Freeze is this guy in a turquoise spandex suit that challenges mere mortals to a race in the outfield of the Atlanta Braves SunTrust Park between innings.

  • Ready to help solve the 80% problem? Join Sagence now.

    How Data Preparation Solves the 80% Problem with Data

    A McKinsey Quarterly article, " Getting Big Impact from Big Data," ponders why many companies have yet to realize the much-hyped returns on Big Data. As quoted in the article, " teams frequently don't see enough immediate financial impact to justify additional investments."

  • If you are an experienced data analyst looking for an exciting career as a full-time management consultant, we'd like to talk to you. Learn more about Sagence and apply today.

    Data Analyst Job Openings in Chicago and NY

    Sagence has an immediate opening for a Data Analyst in Chicago and New York. If you desire a hands-on experience working with Fortune 500 firms, click now to learn about our Data Analyst job in Chicago and New York. Apply now.

  • Taxonomist/ Ontologist Opening @Sagence. Learn more here and apply today.

    Taxonomist Ontologist Job Opening at Sagence

    A Taxonomist/Ontologist job is immediately available for qualified, experienced candidates. Join Sagence to help our clients support business growth, increase data usability, and share information between disparate systems. Download our taxonomist/ontologist job description here and apply today.

  • From the Greek, taxis, meaning 'order' and 'arrangement', taxonomies use taxonomic units to classify and arrange in a hierarchical structure otherwise random objects. Sagence is hiring taxonomists and ontologists. Apply today.

    A guide to developing taxonomies for effective data management

    Chrome OS: Why it may be time to approach desktop IT in a different way Inside the distros: A year in Linux development How to make the leap from traditional bank to digital bank Download Current Issue The story goes that if Microsoft had made completion of the properties box

  • Sagence is looking for Data Scientists. Visit the careers section of our website to learn more and read the below article to learn about a day in the life of a data scientist from KDNuggets.

    A Day in the Life of a Data Scientist: Part 4

    Sure, no data scientist role is the same, and that's the reason for the inquiry. So many potential data scientists are interested in knowing what it is that those on the other side keep themselves busy with all day, and so I thought that having a few connections provide their insight might be a useful endeavor.

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