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  • Darkness falls in Osancheon and residents sleep peacefully, unaware that fierce predators stalk prey in the nearby river. Watch the 100% REAL eco-thriller documentary that shocked Korea and witness the epic battle for food and the return of the infamous river otters. #SamsungSemiconductor #Otters

  • Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold2 is the first smartphone to feature an OLED display with the world’s smallest curvature – a radius of just 1.4mm – minimizing folding stress, decreasing the folding gap, and allowing for 200,000 foldings. Learn more in @PhoneArena #SamsungGalaxyZFold2

  • Samsung’s new 0.7 micrometre-pixel ISOCELL image sensor lineup boasts the industry’s smallest pixel size, allowing for bigger photos and sleeker #smartphone designs. Read more about the future of smartphone camera design in @ZDNet #ISOCELL #imagesensor

  • Imagine a future in which AI could not only help predict but also prevent pandemics. Samsung and other semiconductor companies are already working on it. Jim Elliott talks about the semiconductor industry's role in fighting Covid-19 and how supercomputing and AI are being leveraged by the world's top scientists and statisticians. #ai #artificialintelligence #machinelearning #ml

  • Tune into our first episode of Samsung Foundry Silicon Universe, where host Sylvie Kadivar discusses the market drivers for Samsung Foundry's performance platform with Craig Orr, Head of Marketing & Product Planning for the Americas Foundry Business at Samsung. #Samsung #Foundry

  • Go behind the scenes and see how Samsung built a fully working 520:1 scale model of its Pyeongtaek Semiconductor Line 1 out of toy building blocks. Journey inside a miniature cleanroom environment where even the smallest microscopic particles cannot survive. #Samsung #Foundry #Lego

  • When you?re the Sr. AV Engineer at Samsung, people might expect your #WFH ?game? to be next-level, and Ray Balingit is not one to disappoint. Known for breaking creativity barriers, Ray's version of Zoom conferencing requires a face-open green spandex bodysuit, softbox lights, camera sliders, and a penchant for bending reality in absurdly hilarious ways. You never know where he?ll log on from: The Simpson?s family room, the Iron Throne, or hanging upside down from a web. What do you expect from a master of disguise who is known on campus for his epic costumes?notably Prince! When the cameras are off Ray slides into a virtual workspace with unlimited monitors (of any size) thanks to his Mixed Reality 4K VR headset, which allows him to increase productivity without taking up space in the physical world. Ray tells us that ?learning new technology from AV manufacturers as we move to virtual workspaces? has made SIP quite interesting. A typical day for Ray starts at 4 or 5 am when Lulu, the West Highland White Terrier, needs to go potty.

  • Samsung?s new X-Cube leverages matured TSV technology and vertical stacking of functional dies to make significant leaps in speed, power efficiency, low latency, and small form factor. X-Cube will enable advanced designs and applications in Mobile, AR/VR, Wearables, and High-Performance Computing Platforms. Learn more: #semiconductor #innovation #mobiletechnology #augmentedreality #highperformancecomputing

  • Samsung Semiconductor intern, Taner Vickery, had no idea what a remote summer internship with the MarCom team would be like. When campus closed in March due to the pandemic, he had to cancel all plans of relocating to San Jose, move back home (huge shout-out to Mom & Dad!) and step into an uncharted new virtual world. Read Taner?s blog, A Summer to Remember, and find out how he overcame the challenges of working from home, connected with peers and mentors, and produced two groundbreaking projects. Read blog: #internships #internlife #intern2020

  • Samsung?s 1/520 scale model of Pyeongtaek Semiconductor Line 1, made entirely from toy building blocks, shows how even the smallest microscopic dust particles cannot survive the cleanroom environment. Two pesky intruders, who managed to make it past the air showers, didn?t last long once inside the building. Now semiconductor tech, Bando Chae, can get back to work on the worlds most advanced nanometer technology!

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