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  • Visit Samsung?s Virtual LED Lighting Exhibition and see how Samsung components are changing nightscapes and making daily life more intelligent and convenient. Displays exhibit how LED lighting is used for everything from vertical farming to sporting events. Learn how LED lighting can help improve concentration, induce relaxation, and even promote and optimize circadian rhythms. #SamsungSemiconductor #LED #Virtual

  • How has it been being a part of Samsung?s first remote intern program? We asked MarCom intern, Taner Vickery, to interview a few of his colleagues to share their experiences working remotely for Samsung Semiconductor. The results are both hilarious and inspiring! Check out some footage that definitely DID NOT make it into the final cuts!! #SamsungSemiconductor #Interns #Internships

  • Samsung?s new X-Cube leverages matured TSV technology and vertical stacking of functional dies to make significant leaps in speed, power efficiency, low latency, and small form factor. X-Cube will enable advanced designs and applications in Mobile, AR/VR, Wearables, and High-Performance Computing Platforms.

  • Oh no! Semiconductor tech Bando Chae has unwittingly allowed two fiendish, microscopic dust particles to hitch a ride inside Samsung?s Pyeongtaek Campus Line 1 where they plan to wreak havoc. Will millions of semiconductor chips become compromised? Stay tuned for the dramatic conclusion. (3/4)

  • A trio of microscopic supervillains is hatching a sinister plot to infiltrate Samsung?s Pyeongtaek Campus Line 1. Will our hero, semiconductor tech Bando Chae, unwittingly allow the evildoers to gain access? Or will Bando get wise? (2/4)

  • Samsung Semiconductor?s Jim Elliott explores how Memory is at the heart of an accelerated transformation that?s impacting how we work, educate, entertain, shop, and even play. From telepresence, Video on Demand, the future of retail, eSports & Gaming combined with 5G, IoT, Big Data, and AI?technology is going to transform and evolve our daily lives at an unprecedented pace. So how can the tech industry continue to accelerate Memory speed, performance, and scalability to support this new digital age? Learn how companies like Samsung are constantly looking ahead to innovate and deliver infrastructure capabilities to allow for the next wave of digital transformation. #memory #5g #esports #gaming #artificialintelligence

  • Samsung intern, Taner Vickery, gives us a sneak peek inside our first "virtual" summer intern program with interview highlights from across our intern universe. Get the skinny on remote interning at Samsung and how our 2020 interns are rising to the challenge! #NationalInternDay

  • Meet Bando Chae, an engineer at Samsung?s working miniature scale model (1:520) of its Pyeongtaek Campus Line 1 in South Korea, made entirely from toy building blocks! Bando Chae has a problem? an invisible foe is determined to use him to infiltrate the building and wreak havoc. Will this mysterious enemy succeed? Stay tuned to find out! (Post 1/4)

  • Find out why high-end GPUs equipped with Samsung GDDR6 are giving gamers an edge and discover the futuristic technology behind the gaming industry's most sought after memory. #GameOnSamsung #gamingindustry #gamingnews #gamingsetup #gaminglife

  • New EUV DRAM production methodologies will play a pivotal role in enhancing memory performance and overall end-user experiences in consumer, cloud and datacenter applications.

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