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    How to manage your back-to-business strategies:

  • This guide lists protective measures as well as health safety protocols which construction professionals are expected to abide by when managing claims after the COVID-19 lockdown is lifted.

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    Sedgwick dives in to investigate the complexities of the return to work process, as well as how you can assure safety during this time.

  • Key tips to help businesses manage risks and reduce losses during times like these:

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    Find out what Sedgwick suggests to do in order to help the marine industry during these times.

  • Sedgwick has tips to help you get your workplace back up and running.

  • Now is the time to build and execute a thoughtful and purposeful back-to-business strategy.

  • As the use of medical and legalized recreational marijuana continues to grow, so do the questions. We help answer those here:

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    Everyone’s recent priority and focus has been and continues to be on how to navigate during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

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    We believe there are three key questions that organizations must answer in their quest to get back to business:

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