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  • Actuarial careers are changing. Have you added data science skills to your toolkit?

    [Infographic] I'm an Actuary. How Can I Become a Data Scientist?

    Smith Hanley Associates, leading provider of data science jobs, describes the career transition from Actuary to Data Scientist.

  • Prior bad experience with a recruiter? Here's how to avoid that happening again!

    6 Questions to Ask A Recruiter Before Working With Them

    Generalists have to find you when they have a job that fits you. They may only ever have one job that fits you. You want a niche recruiter in YOUR niche. Visit their website and their job board.

  • Find out why a traditional resume format is the way to go!

    Unconventional Resumes are a bad idea slideshare

    Unconventional resumes seem like the smart thing to do to attract attention to your job search. Don't Do It! Hiring Authorities find them annoying!

  • Here is way to make Natural Language Processing more accessible...

    You Don't Need a Data Scientist to Talk to Your Data

    Natural Language Processing got a boost in utilization and exposure through Tableau's recent acquisition of ClearGraph in early August. Data Scientist's are using data visualization for storytelling that can sway the hearts and minds of their company's decision makers.

  • Ready to talk about Zettabytes, Data Scientists? You better be....

    Mind-Boggling Big Data Statistics - Fact or Fiction?!

    Every statistic about Big Data is mind-boggling but many of them seem to be without cited sources and are used over and over again as they take on a life and an accepted truth of their own on the internet. We've made some comparisons between a September 2015 blog by Forbes and more recent statistics.

  • Great advice on formatting your resume...or NOT!

    Unconventional Resumes - DON'T DO IT!

    You've worked hard. Your education, your experience, your skills are right in line with the job you are applying for. You've created a clear and concise resume that accurately reflects this, but something's missing. How do you make your resume stand out from the 500 other applicants?

  • Ken Kupersmith, Recruiter at Smith Hanley, explains how to get certified for your Medical Affairs career.

    Medical Affairs Career? You're Certifiable!

    Being board certified in any healthcare related career has proven to be impactful. It is a credential that resonates because of its association with board certified physicians. That positive relationship can now be yours in your pharmaceutical medical affairs career.

  • The author of Weapons of Math Destruction has some iconoclastic but interesting things to say about Data Science...

    Cathy O'Neil: The era of blind faith in big data must end

    Algorithms decide who gets a loan, who gets a job interview, who gets insurance and much more -- but they don't automatically make things fair. Mathematician and data scientist Cathy O'Neil coined a term for algorithms that are secret, important and harmful: "weapons of math destruction."

  • Work for big pharma or work on Wall Street? It turns out it is an interesting decision....

    Why Pharma Business Development positions beat working on Wall Street

    In corporate business development you will work on something over the long term. Your job is to grow and build your company. In investment banking or private equity you are looking at many different deals for many different clients and not really focusing and feeling the success of building one firm's business or equity over time.

  • See what Bloomberg and Smith Hanley Data Science recruiter, Paul Chatlos, have to say about a Data Science career in retail.

    Here's a Retail Job That's Still in High Demand: Data Scientist

    Brick-and-mortar chains look to number crunchers as saviors Job postings for the position have reached an all-time high Despite an onslaught of bankruptcies, store closures and layoffs, there's one retail job that's still in hot demand: data scientists. The battle against e-commerce is putting new pressure on brick-and-mortar retailers to fix up stores and deliver a more pleasant experience for shoppers.

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