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  • Happy World Kindness Day! Today we get to celebrate one of our favorite things – kindness. We get to witness many acts of kindness each day, but do we ever take a moment to recognize those things (even if small) that are kind? Do we ever take the time or resources to do things that are intentionally kind for others?
    We get to celebrate niceness today, so let’s go all out! We are including an article with some ideas to help jumpstart the kindness, but we REALLY want to celebrate the kindness with YOU. What are some of the kind things you have witnessed today, or even this past week? Did someone pay for your coffee? Did a stranger volunteer to take your shopping cart back to the store just because? Did you witness someone giving someone a kind word?
    Here’s to kindness every day of the year!

    10 Super Easy Random Acts of Kindness That Will Ignite Your Day - Therapy Travelers

    Original Article by Marcel Schwantes at A few days ago I was informed that today is "World Kindness Day"- a global 24-hour celebration dedicated to paying-it-forward and focusing on the good. I must've missed the memo last year so I'm not holding back this year. Time to celebrate kindness.

  • Autism Speaks has put together a wonderful resource for parents, friends, guardians and even teachers – of events going on all throughout the country – that are autism-friendly. Not only does it include events that you can attend in the month of October for Halloween, but the list goes all the way in to 2020! If you have a child who needs an autism-friendly event next week for Halloween, check it out and see if there is anything in your area – if not, make sure to pass along this wonderful resource to those who might benefit!

    Here’s the link:


    Find Autism Friendly Events, Walks, and other events in your community.

  • Working with multiple age groups in a single day or week can make lesson or activity planning difficult when you only have so much space or time in your office or therapy bag. In today’s guest blog, Michaela Gordon, OTR/L provides some practical advice for planning and packing a therapy bag when travelling and working with different age, goal, or disability groups. What are some tips or tricks you have come across or developed in your practice?
    Michaela Gordon is a private practice Occupational Therapist who works with individuals as well as school districts in Southern California. You can check out her blog at and original article at
    #OriginalContentWednesday #blog #OccupationalTherapy #OccupationalTherapist #therapy #traveltherapy

    Packing a Multi-Purpose and Multi-Age Group Therapy Bag - Therapy Travelers

    There are many benefits to be a traveling OT. You get the opportunity to see first-hand a child's functioning and skill level in their natural environment. This allows you to not only provide more specific tools for the child, but you can also see if those tools are effective.

  • Our guest blog post today is from SLP Jenn at @crazyspeechworld. She shares with us fun ways to practice speech with your student over the summer. Homework doesn’t have to be boring, and with these ideas, they will barely even notice they are practicing their speech at all! You can check out her blog here:
    Do you have any other ideas for kids to practice speech at home over the summer?
    Jenn Alcorn Westmoreland is a school-based SLP in Florida, and author of the blog You can follow her on Instagram at @crazyspeechworld
    #originalcontentwednesdays #blog #speech #speechandlanguage #slp #schoolslp #slpeeps #summerbreak #homework

  • Technology is all around us, and today’s students are well-versed in the newest sites, apps, games and features that are available. As a Speech Therapist, using technology in services with your students can be daunting, exciting, rewarding, innovative, or fun – maybe even all of those combined! Our guest blogger today, Sarah Wu, SLP, shares a few ways in which technology can be used in your therapy sessions with students. Do you have any additional ways you use technology during your therapy sessions? If so, feel free to share!

    Sara Wu can be found on Instagram at @Sarahwuslp

    3 Ways to Incorporate Technology into Speech Therapy Sessions - Therapy Travelers

    By: Sarah Wu Working as a teletherapist has made me more comfortable with technology - and I thought I already *was* comfortable with technology! But now I'm using different kinds of media to reach students in speech therapy. Here are three things I use in speech therapy that I never used before: 1.

  • Whether you choose to STAY LOCAL & take contracts close to home or TRAVEL and take contracts throughout the US, we just want to place you in locations that align with your top priorities!! Both are amazing options to be exposed to different kinds of districts and opportunities! In today’s guest blog, Julia Kuhn, MS CCC-SLP, Julia has enjoyed the "travel contract" option and we're excited to share her article, "How travel therapy can improve your career." You can check out her blog on our website at

    Julia Kuhn, MS CCC-SLP is the owner and blogger at . You can also follow her travels at: @thetravelingtraveler

    The traveling traveler - The Traveling Traveler

    Hi my name is Julia! I am a Speech-Language Pathologist who combined working as a healthcare traveler along with traveling the world in between assignments. Hence, the traveling traveler. Whether you are looking to be a traveling healthcare professional and take short-term assignments or take a vacation to a new destination, I hope to inspire you to travel and offer resources and inspiration to help you on your journey.

  • “During play, children learn to problem-solve, form relationships, develop their social skills, learn and use language, and build executive functioning skills.” ~ Emily Cohen

    Who said that therapy should be boring? Not us, and certainly not SLP Emily Cohen! Play is an essential part of a child’s world and how they learn to interact with things and people. In our guest blog post, Emily talks about which toys she uses during speech sessions, as well as tips to keep in mind when choosing which toys you want to use. If you have any toys that you use in therapy, feel free to share them and help your fellow therapists out!

    Check out the article here:…/

    Emily, M.A., CCC-SLP is the owner of Tandem Speech Therapy, a private pediatric speech therapy practice in Austin, TX. She is also the author and developer of Playing with Purpose – a framework for using play to build speech and language skills. You can follow her on Instagram at @tandemspeech

    Play is an Important Part of Speech Therapy - Therapy Travelers

    Emily Cohen, M.A., CCC-SLP is the owner of Tandem Speech Therapy, a private pediatric speech therapy practice in Austin, TX. She is also the author and developer of Playing With Purpose-a framework for using play to build speech and language skills. Play is how children learn and interact with the ...

  • Looking for some tips, tricks and insight into the travel therapy world? In our guest blog post today, Andrea Nye shares her top 5 insights into the exciting and fulfilling world of travel therapy. What would be your top piece of advice to those considering travel therapy?

    You can check out her blog post here:

    Andrea Nye is a traveling OT who has been able to work and explore in numerous states since her graduation. You can follow her traveling adventures on Instagram at @andrea_nye

    Travel Therapy- What you need to know, and what they don't always tell you - Therapy Travelers

    By Andrea Nye, OTR/L (Instagram: @andrea_nye) Travel therapy had been on my radar since I was a grad student, however I didn't feel like I would be "prepared" enough to jump right in as a new grad (spoiler: it is 100% doable as a new grad).

  • “Today my adventure is publishing my first article. I invite you, wherever you are in the country and in your life, to say yes to creating your adventures and embrace the everyday moments.” – Katie Baumgartel

    Travel therapy is many things. It’s helping students. Meeting new people. Forging new working relationships. Seeing this beautiful country. Eating delicious food. Stepping out of your comfort zone. Engaging in new adventures. And there is one thing that it never is: boring! You can start (or continue) your travel therapy story with us – send us a message! Read Katie’s guest post blog about travel therapy adventure at

    Katie Baumgartel is a travel therapist who encourages adventure and trying new things that push us in different ways. You can follow her adventures on Instagram at @katie_baum

    Create an adventure every day! - Therapy Travelers

    By: Katie Baumgartel from @katie_baum You may have heard the quote by Eleanor Roosevelt, "Do one thing every day that scares you." You may also be familiar with the saying "life is made of moments." I like to say, "Create an adventure every day." Easy to say as a travel speech-language pathologist living in a ...

  • Being able to make inferences about another person’s intentions, desires, knowledge, and beliefs is foundational to effective communication. This ability is knows as Theory of Mind (ToM), and it is a skill that those on the Autism Spectrum have a difficult time developing. In our guest blog post today, Intern Gabrielle Stowe talks about ToM and what its development looks like in the early stages of communication.

    Gabrielle Stowe is a current student at UFL and Intern at Dogwood Developmental Therapy in Hampstead, NC. You can find her at @speechyandbeachy

    Theory of Mind - Therapy Travelers

    During a conversation with another person, we are constantly modifying our responses based on the feedback we receive. This includes not only the other person's words, but their facial expressions, actions, and gestures. Our response to a person who is crying will differ greatly from our response to a person who is laughing.

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