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    "I served as a battle captain in the Northern Sinai Peninsula in Egypt as part of the Multinational Force and Observers, supporting the Egyptian-Israeli Treaty of Peace. During my year-long deployment, my colleagues sent care packages and thank-you notes. When my deployment ended in 2017, my direct manager was my strongest ally returning to work. They encouraged me to take my time in returning to work, per Thomson Reuters policies that support Soldiers after a deployment. After spending a month at home with my family, my manager ensured my return to my role on the sales team and really supported me in my post-deployment transition. The work of Thomson Reuters and my manager to carry the burden of my military deployment with me was remarkable. It's a sacrifice for every soldier and their families. For Thomson Reuters to shoulder that with me meant they truly cared. I had a home in a company that supported me both at work and away from it." #BeYouAtTR Meet Johnny, Infantry Captain, and Global Client Account Executive, Minneapolis #WorkingAtTR


    Thomson Reuters reports third-quarter 2020 results:

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    "I was recommended to lead the Customer Delivery Global Quality Team for an exciting project on re-imagining our customer experience. With customers at the heart of everything we do, we wanted to learn more about how our internal activities affect the business and our stakeholders. I took the opportunity to lead, knowing that I would be surrounded by my colleagues' expertise across the organization. My experience, I should say, was a story of constant learning. This project required asking and answering many questions, maintaining a learning mindset, discovering new ways to challenge the status quo, actively sharing my thoughts and ideas, and making collaborative decisions. I gained so much knowledge from leading the global quality team. Having the chance to work with such diverse colleagues with their own unique experiences reinforced the power of teamwork and how much we can accomplish with the talents of our teammates coming together." #BeYouAtTR Meet Totie, Team Manager, Content Operations, #WorkingAtTR Manila


    "I was wrapping up a four-month-long project when something unexpected happened. As I joined one of our final handover calls, I saw the participant list grow from the expected five people to 15, with all the different team members and business leaders I partnered with joining the meeting as a surprise. The agenda shifted from the usual next steps to the whole team, spending a couple of minutes each appreciating what I brought to the work we were doing. This gesture meant so much more than anything that I have received in the past. The team didn't need to do this, but we have a culture of appreciation here that recognizes and celebrates everyday achievements - big or small. Our culture of appreciation reinforces my belief that I work for a truly great place." #BeYouAtTR Meet Saurav, Senior Project Manager, Hyderabad. Interested in joining the team? Check out our open opportunities here!

  • We are honored to be named one of Fairygodboss' Best Companies for Women in 2020! The list is determined 100% based on our female colleagues’ feedback and we’re proud to be an employer working towards gender equality. Learn more about #WorkingAtTR here!

  • Reuters has teamed up with Facebook to deliver authoritative data on Facebook’s Voting Information Center, which will be shared in push notifications throughout election night. Learn more here

  • "When the opportunity to become co-chair of our Latino Employee Network (LEN) came up, I jumped at the chance. I realized I was in a unique position to enact change, raise awareness, generate opportunities like those I had, and showcase role models to other Latinos. Throughout Hispanic Heritage Month, the Thomson Reuters Institute has been hosting a series called "De La Unidad (De Unidade/Of Unity): Understanding issues of access for the Latinx Community". Our first conversation centered around what does it mean to be Latino (Latina, LatinX, Hispanic) and one of the conclusions from that discussion was that, regardless of the term of preference, at the core, what matters is that sense of belonging - wanting to be part of a community. I am proud to play an active role in creating a community and fostering inclusion through LEN." Meet Rogelio, Director Business Development & Strategy, New York

  • We are proud to share that we have been recognized for three Comparably awards this week, as rated by our own colleagues. Learn more about what it’s like to be #WorkingAtTR here!

  • “In the fall of 2018, my father was diagnosed with a rare, terminal disease and scheduled for chemotherapy that winter. During this time, I was interviewing for my dream job: Executive Assistant to the Head of Talent Management. Moving into my new position coincided with the most wonderful and difficult time in my life. There were times when I needed to take a mental health day or work remotely from the hospital. My manager and team were always incredibly supportive and understanding. I felt holistic support at all levels to focus on what mattered most. Last month, Thomson Reuters announced free access to the Headspace meditation app and a paid day off October 9 for those eligible for company holidays, for Mental Health Day. I’ll be spending my day practicing self-care, yoga, meditation, riding my bike, reading, and watching Harry Potter movies. What does self-care look like for you?” Meet Kelly, Talent Coordinator, Toronto

  • "As lockdown hit London, I prepared for my new career challenge in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. I joined the Thomson Reuters Labs team in London this May as a Senior Designer. Little did I know, I would never actually manage to make it to the office before lockdown, and working from home became the norm. Despite onboarding virtually and starting a new role in a new field without actually stepping foot into an office, I realized that no matter where you work, you can still come together and feel welcome on the team." Meet Alex, Senior Designer, on the Thomson Reuters Labs team in London. Read Alex's full experience virtually onboarding to the team on our careers blog.

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