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  • "When you look at a typical IT department…they have people doing security things, but they’re not threat hunting." -James Antonakos |

    The Threat Hunters | Trustwave Stories

    A group of super-skilled security pros are using breakthrough technologies to uncover and respond to cyberattacks - and doing it from far, far away. Written by: Dan Kaplan Cyber Heroes Aaron Wooten was just 6 years old in 1991 when his father brought home the family's first computer.

  • “When I was little, I was terrified of going blind,” he said. “And then it happened and it didn’t really bother me as much as I thought it would. You roll with the punches.” - Niko Carpenter, Coder Extraordinaire |

    The Blind Coder | Trustwave Stories

    If you think visual impairment deterred 26-year-old Niko Carpenter from pursuing and excelling in a career in security and programming, your eyes are deceiving you. Written by: Dan Kaplan Cyber Heroes When Niko Carpenter hit the operating table at age 12 - a last-ditch effort to improve his failing eyesight - the Aurora, Ill.-native had already determined his life goal: to become a satellite engineer.

  • “It’s a whole lot easier to be defensively mindedly because I already know what the attacker is trying to do,” he said. “I can think of all the ways someone can get in there. It’s easier to visualize that way and predict their next moves. Once you know how the hacker thinks, how the adversary thinks, it’s a whole lot easier to defend against their actions.” - Dennis Wilson |

    The Airman Hacker | Trustwave Stories

    For six years, Dennis Wilson built cyber weapons for the U.S. Air Force as part of a covert program. Now in the private sector, he is more aware of his impact than ever. Written by: Dan Kaplan Cyber Heroes Dennis Wilson is a U.S.

  • Our employees live and breathe security so your business can stay protected. These are the inside stories of what they make happen every day. |

    Trustwave Stories

    Behind every blocked malware attack, flagged vulnerability or resolved incident is a team of real-life security professionals. And they all have stories to tell.

  • Customer Spotlight. |

    A CIO's Perspective on Moving to Managed Security

    A respected CIO in Australia recently came to us. He had been in the role for more than two years, and his small team of security professionals had done a lot to secure its environment. However, our CIO was kept awake at night by the worry that a serious cybersecurity incident would occur outside business hours.

  • The more you know! #cybersecurity |

    5 Security Things to Know for the Week of Feb. 12

    Crypto-mining malware is sweeping the web, Adobe rushes an emergency fix, ATM malware arrests, plus more in this week's "5 Security Things to Know."

  • Calling all #SIEM #analysts in #chicago! Want to jump start your career in #cybersecurity? Look no further and apply today!

    Trustwave is looking for a great SIEM Analyst.

    Trustwave is looking for a great SIEM Analyst. Learn more or Jobvite a friend.

  • What a great experience! We loved working with the Muse, what a wonderful time.

    The Muse brings you inside the office of Trustwave

    Explore Trustwave careers, find out what it's like to work at the Chicago, IL office, in addition to jobs that the company is hiring for.

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