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  • One of the most frequent questions we here from customers: where does my business start its digital transformation?

    Where to Start Your Digital Transformation

    It's been a few weeks since my last post, but for good reason! In January, Valence launched a " Month of Retail" initiative to help our audience better understand the unique challenges and opportunities retailers?-?both online and brick and mortar?-?face in implementing technological change to increase efficiencies and develop lifelong fans.

  • We've just started a new blog series on #DigitalTransformation in #Retail! Check out the first post: What is Experiential Retail? #goValence

    What is Experiential Retail? - Valence Insights - Medium

    There's a short, often-overlooked scene in Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo that's always fascinated the retailer in me. I'm going to avoid spoilers and simply say that Scotty (Jimmy Stewart) takes his new fling Madeline (Kim Novak) shopping, in search of the exact suit warn by his previous love earlier in the film.

  • Part 2 of our series about #DigitalTransformation is up! We first defined #DigitalTransformation and now we discuss who should lead the charge? Find out more: #govalence

    Who Should Lead your Digital Transformation? - Valence Insights - Medium

    In my last post I shared a definition of digital transformation. It ended with the question?-?Who should lead digital transformation in a large enterprise? For simplicity I'll limit the possible solutions to either the CIO or someone else. The two most important factors in making the right selection are your current state of technology adoption and your culture.

  • At Valence, we are passionate about #DigitalTransformation. But what is it? We will be exploring that in a 4 part blog series over the next month. Part 1 is up today defining #DigitalTransformation Check it out here:

    What is Digital Transformation? - Valence Insights - Medium

    While working for a Fortune 500 industrial enterprise in the building materials sector I thought digital transformation was just a buzzword to market IT services. Then I went work for Valence Group Inc., a digital transformation company. Within the first few weeks I discovered several companies in the building products sector that had already undertaken digital transformation initiatives (their words, not mine!).

  • Oh what fun we had Seattle Interactive Conference 2018!! Our blog round up is live.

    Valence Takes Part in Seattle Interactive Conference 2018

    Visionary thinkers seeking disruptive technologies and innovative business models were brought together at the Seattle Interactive Conference(SIC) hosted in downtown Seattle on October 17th and 18th. During the course of two days, thousands of entrepreneurs, online business professionals, executives, and students attended SIC to share inspiration and learn about what is happening at the intersection of technology, creativity, and commerce.

  • We are excited to announce today the release of two new innovation programs related to voice and chat technologies! The two releases include the Healthcare Experience Innovation Accelerator as well as an internal, employee-focused “voice bot” framework based on Amazon Alexa for Business technologies.

    Voice and Chat: Cornerstones of Digital Transformation

    We are excited to announce today the release of two new innovation programs related to voice and chat technologies! The two releases include the Healthcare Experience Innovation Accelerator as well as an internal, employee-focused "voice bot" framework based on Amazon Alexa for Business technologies.

  • Will robots really take jobs away? We sit down and discuss with a company on the forefront of workforce robotics.

    Humanizing the Un-Human: The Current State of Robotics

    I know what you're thinking (insert 80's pop culture movie with robots), I thought the same thing when I saw my company was digging its heels into robotics. But wouldn't that take jobs away? Is there even demand for robots? What about robot attacks? Well shame on me, I was completely wrong, across the board.

  • Our President, Jim Darrin, shares his thoughts on company culture after our win last week in @PSBJ 2018 Washington's Best Places to Work!

    PSBJ 2018 Washington's Best Places to Work...we won! - Valence Insights - Medium

    What makes a company the "best place to work"? Is it a break room full of delicious food and drinks, catered lunches, unbeatable benefits, or amazing company events? Or, is it the type of work, the people and the management? At Valence, we believe all these things boil down to a company's culture, and that each company's culture is unique.

  • We are very excited today to share the news that Valence has acquired 8ninths, a leading augmented and virtual reality studio based in Seattle. Moving forward they will form a cornerstone of the Valence digital transformation business, alongside other digital transformation technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, robotics, voice, and more. Follow the link below to read more on 8ninth's accomplishments and the promise they will bring to Valence's family. Building Potential. Together.


    With decades of combined experience across a number of clients, Valence has developed a unique perspective and strong point-of-view as we collaborate to solve some of the most challenging and complex problems. Take a look at what we have been thinking about lately and, as always, feel free to reach out to us directly at


    Valence on Twitter

    We had a blast last night @FlatstickPub in Kirkland bonding and learning about each other in the high stakes game of putt-putt golf! Building strong relationships is a core value for us, and team events are an excellent way to live that value!

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