These 15 Companies Offer The Best Interview Experience

Rentokil Offers The Best Interview Experience; Retailers Feature Heavily, With Short But Sometimes Challenging Interviews; Challenging Interviews Are Statistically Linked To Higher Employee Satisfaction

LONDON (8th November, 2019) According to Glassdoor, one of the world’s largest job and recruiting sites, job seekers in the UK spend an average of 27 days in an interview process when applying for a job. With this in mind, Glassdoor took the opportunity to analyse job interview reviews from job seekers on its site to reveal which companies in the UK offer the best interview experience. 

First place on Glassdoor’s Highest Rated Companies for Interview Experience report went to Rentokil, the business services group, which scored a 97% positive interview experience. “Excellent. Very professional and streamlined. Loved the experience of the trial morning. Both interviews were friendly and relaxed.”, said one Rentokil interviewee from Crayford, UK. According to reviews on Glassdoor, Rentokil candidates can expect to face an average duration of 16 hours and average difficulty of 2.4 (out of 5) with a mix of telephone, face-to-face and assessment day interviews. 

Salesforce and Metro Bank make up the top three Highest Rated Companies for Interview Experience, with 92% and 82% positive experiences respectively.

Retail dominates the top 15 list, with seven large retailers offering highly positive interview experiences. Retailers also offer some of the shortest interview durations, with all well below the average of 27 hours. Two corporate big-hitters appear on the list – Salesforce and Morgan Stanley – both of which have significantly longer interview durations at 54 and 40 hours apiece.

Rank Company Positive Experience Interview Difficulty Interview Duration
1 Rentokil 97% 2.9 16
2 Salesforce 92% 3.4 54
3 Metro Bank 82% 2.8 22
4 Primark 80% 2.1 11
5 Explore Learning 77% 2.9 21
6 Marks & Spencer 77% 2.6 8
7 Royal Mail 77% 2.4 34
8 B&Q 76% 2.5 14
9 NHS 75% 2.8 25
10 Tesco 74% 2.3 16
11 ASDA 72% 2.1 16
12 J Sainsbury 72% 2.2 14
13 John Lewis & Partners 72% 2.8 19
14 J D Wetherspoon 72% 1.8 8
15 Morgan Stanley 71% 3.1 40

Culture & values and senior leadership are the biggest drivers of employee satisfaction and reviews on Glassdoor demonstrate that job seekers associate demonstration of this with a positive interview experience. “The Salesforce team were always very welcoming and engaging, which made the process, dare I say, enjoyable.”, said a Salesforce Strategic Account Executive interviewee in London. Job seekers also want to be challenged during the interview process. Ten out of the 15 companies highlighted in this report have above-average interview difficulty*. “I am actually impressed by their process as I was challenged and really feel like I earned the job I have today.”, said another Salesforce interviewee. 

Joe Wiggins, Director at Glassdoor, comments: “The interview process is a bit like dating with psychometric tests. It needs to be reassuringly thorough, yet positive, challenging and it must reflect the culture and values of an employer. There’s no quicker way to drive candidates away than an amateurish recruitment process.”

“We continue to see an increase in employers utilising video interviews, online tests and assessment days to test job seekers. A challenging combination, though we know that more difficult job interviews are statistically linked to higher employee satisfaction.” 

Before undertaking an interview, job seekers should aim to be as informed as possible about the company they want to work for. Using employee reviews on Glassdoor to understand what it’s like to work there and get an idea of what previous interviewees have faced is an excellent way of achieving this.


*Glassdoor’s Interview Difficulty Rating is based on a 1-5 scale, the average interview difficulty on Glassdoor is 2.6. Glassdoor’s unique interview review survey asks job seekers to rate the difficulty of a recent job interview on a scale of 1 to 5. They share detailed information about the job, the employer, and what types of questions were asked at their interview. 


The Highest Rated Interview Experience report identifies companies with the highest overall interview experience rating based on reviews submitted by employees and job seekers on Glassdoor. At a minimum, employers must have received at least 30 Glassdoor-approved interview reviews, including at least 30 interview experience ratings, from UK-based employees between July 2, 2018 and July 1, 2019. For reporting simplicity, interview experience ratings are displayed as whole numbers, though they extend beyond the thousandth place to determine final rank order. Intern reviews were excluded from this report.

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