What Makes the Company an Attractive Place to Work Plus Insights on Compensation and Benefits Most Useful to Job Seekers

SAUSALITO, Calif. (October 28, 2014) – As employers look to improve their brand and reputation, Glassdoor, a leading recruiting solution, polled job seekers to better help companies gauge the value of the employer voice and its influence in attracting top talent. The survey showed that nearly nine in ten (89 percent) job seekers find the employer perspective important when researching jobs and companies. In addition to gauging the value of employer perspective, the survey evaluates what the most useful pieces of information are that job seekers are wanting to learning from employers, and it sheds light on the impact that managing a company’s employer brand has on recruiting.

The value of the employer voice highlights that when job seekers do online research, they are not only interested in reviews from employees but seek the balance of employer information from the source. The online survey, conducted amongst 1,000 Glassdoor users, found that women (91 percent) find the employer perspective slightly more important than men (88 percent). In addition, the more experienced the job seeker, the more valuable the employer perspective becomes as 84 percent of those with less than one year of experience find it important compared to 91 percent of those with more than 10 years of experience. The employer perspective is most important to military veterans, with 94 percent citing the employer perspective as important when they’re researching companies.

When asked what the five most useful pieces of information are that job seekers want to learn direct from employers, they included: details on what makes the company an attractive place to work (76 percent), details on the compensation package (70 percent), details on the benefits package (62 percent), an overview of the company mission, vision and values (60 percent), and basic company information i.e. office locations, number of employees, revenue, etc. (55 percent).

When combined with the desire to get the employer perspective, job seekers often find it difficult to find these top five pieces of information on company web sites. For example, while compensation package is the second-most desired piece of information, most companies don’t share these details until candidates are deep into the interview process. Benefits packages, the third-most important to job seekers, are often not explained until an employee is going through new hire enrollment and limitations in benefits can take them by surprise.

This gap in information becomes even more important when hiring for diversity. When broken out by gender, women (66 percent) find far more value in benefits information than men (56 percent). Women (27 percent) also find information on how employers support their community more useful than men (17 percent).

When it comes to the value of building and maintaining employer brand, the Glassdoor report highlighted that 94 percent of job seekers say they are likely to apply to a job if they can tell that an employer actively manages their brand which includes sharing updates about their culture and work environment, updating their employer profiles and publicly responding to company reviews. Less than two percent said it would not impact their decision to apply and the remaining 4 percent were unsure.

Nearly seven in ten job seekers (69 percent) agree their perception of a company improves after seeing an executive or other company representative respond to a review.When broken out by gender, men (73 percent), more than women (66 percent), say their perception of a company improves when they see an employer respond to reviews.

“Employer branding is more than your career site,” said Will Staney, head talent warrior at Glassdoor. “In 2015 employer branding efforts will become increasingly more important as job seekers become more savvy and selective in their job search. The key to successfully building your employer brand is to understand that it is an ongoing exercise across multiple channels which must effectively speak and respond to the talent you are trying to reach.”

Glassdoor currently works with more than 2,000 employers, including Intuit, 1-800-CONTACTS and Box to support recruiting and branding efforts. To learn about how Glassdoor can help you recruit top talent and build your brand, visit http://employers.glassdoor.com/. To claim your employer profile, register for a free employer account. (Read: How to respond to company reviews and When It Comes to Employer Branding, We Wrote the Book)

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