Glassdoor Debuts IN PURSUIT Podcast, Featuring Inspiring Career Conversations With Brené Brown, Valerie Jarrett And More

Six-Episode Series Launches With Researcher and Author Brené Brown to Help and Motivate People Everywhere to Reach Their Full Potential In and Out of Work

MILL VALLEY, CALIF (October 2, 2019) – Glassdoor, one of the world’s largest job and recruiting sites, today launched IN PURSUIT, a new career podcast that dives deeper into the stories of extraordinary people navigating life’s most pivotal moments at the intersection of the personal and professional. Hosted by Glassdoor Editorial Director Amy Elisa Jackson, the series launches on Tuesday, October 8, with Brené Brown, five-time best-selling author and research professor studying courage, vulnerability, shame and empathy.  People can now listen to Glassdoor’s IN PURSUIT trailer and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play and across most other preferred podcast platforms.

The series will offer honest and candid one-on-one conversations with a diverse array of guests, focused on understanding how they have and still navigate their careers through achievements, hurdles and heartbreaks along the way. In each episode, Jackson delves deep into each guest’s personal story to discover the pivotal moments and transitions that propelled them forward. In addition to Brown, guests include former White House senior advisor Valerie Jarrett, Basecamp CEO Jason Fried and sommelier turned local activist Vinny Eng, among other guests. From learning to say ‘no’ at work, changing careers after an extreme loss or juggling career with family,  IN PURSUIT reveals real people sharing real stories of how they’ve maneuvered it all. 

“Although every career journey is individually unique, we all share similar moments of triumph, failure or an ‘a-ha’ breakthrough. While many podcasts focus on the moment of success or setback, IN PURSUIT will take a more holistic approach. By doing so, we hope listeners will be inspired and motivated to take charge of their careers and personal lives,” said Jackson. 

Episode One: Brené Brown on Success, Sobriety and Fighting Fear

IN PURSUIT’s first episode kicks off with Brené Brown, the research professor whose TED talk on vulnerability threw her instantly and unexpectedly into the national spotlight, eventually leading to several best-selling books including Dare to Lead, and a Netflix special, The Call to Courage. Jackson’s 30-minute conversation with Brown explores her long and unconventional journey to “overnight success,” how she navigates her sobriety while in the limelight and her biggest career lessons.

“I’ve had nothing but detours. I graduated from college with my bachelor’s degree when I was 29, and if there’s one mantra that I live by, it’s ‘nothing wasted.’ I learned more about empathy and people in that 12-year journey of bartending and waiting tables and hitchhiking through Europe than I ever could in classrooms,” said Brown during the interview with Jackson.

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About the Host

Amy Elisa Jackson is Glassdoor’s editorial director, overseeing global content, editorial and social media strategy. With 15 years of content and journalism experience, she has interviewed celebrities, policymakers and top executives about pressing topics in their lives, careers and beyond. Before Glassdoor, Amy Elisa developed content for global brands across print and digital media, including Facebook, People Magazine, Essence Magazine and more, and has appeared on Good Morning America, E! News and Inside Edition. An alum of Stanford University, Amy Elisa lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her chihuahua rescue, Beanie Jackson. 

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