Nearly 2,000 Interview Reviews for 1,000+ Companies in 40 Countries Collected During Private Beta

SAUSALITO, CALIF (April 28, 2009) — With unemployment rising to record levels, career site is launching a new section today to help job seekers better prepare for and stand out in the increasingly competitive job interview process. Glassdoor’s new Job Interview Questions and Reviews section allows job seekers to get insight into the interview process and questions they may encounter for a potential job at a specific company — all for free. The company is extending the same “give to get” model it created to increase transparency around company pay and working environments to the most critical part of job cycle – the job interview.

Over the past several weeks, Glassdoor has been collecting anonymous job interview questions and reviews through a closed beta from applicants who have completed an interview in the past two years. The reviews include details from actual candidates about the entire hiring process from the interview format, average duration to overall difficulty, and actual questions that were asked. Each review also includes details as to whether an offer was made and whether it was accepted or rejected — and why — along with any negotiation tips. Approximately 2,000 interview questions and reviews for more than 1,000 companies across a variety of sectors have been collected to date. This data can now be accessed through a new Interviews tab from the home page. From here, anyone can also leave a review about a recent job interview experience through a short form that takes less than five minutes to complete.

“Today’s job market is more competitive than ever, and being prepared can increase your odds of getting an offer, give you more confidence, and reduce pre-interview anxiety. The job interview is the front door of the job cycle and is the next logical step for Glassdoor to bring greater transparency to every aspect of our careers,” said Robert Hohman, co-founder and CEO of “Glassdoor’s new Interview Questions and Reviews section allows people to act like a fly on the wall in thousands of interviews, gathering important insights from the vantage of other candidates. In addition to the useful information found in Glassdoor’s company reviews and salary reports, Interviews allows any job candidate to customize a study guide specific to a job opportunity, company and industry to get an important edge in this tough market.”

Specifically, Glassdoor’s new Interviews Questions and Reviews Section includes:

  • Interview background details: Each interview review is categorized by a job title, company, location and time period when the interview occurred. The easy page layout also outlines how the interviewee secured the interview (referral, job posting, etc), the type of interview(s) (1:1, panel, etc.) and how long the process took. Of the job reviews submitted on, the average interview takes 25 days from start to finish and more than half were secured through an online job posting (38%) or through an employee referral (17%).
  • Interview questions and community answers: Interview reviewers are asked to share up to five of the most difficult or unexpected questions asked and provide any insights on the answer. Other community members can mark the questions as helpful or not helpful and provide suggested answers.
  • Interview ratings (hard/easy; positive/negative): Users are asked to rate their overall experience for ease or difficulty and whether they were left with a positive or negative impression. Interestingly, a hard interview does not translate to a negative experience. For example, a marketing analyst candidate at American Express in New York rated the interview difficult but the overall experience positive, whereas a systems engineer candidate at Google in Santa Clara rated the process difficult and the overall experience negative.
  • Interview outcome: Candidates are encouraged to wait until the interview process is over so they can share the final outcome: whether the candidate was offered the job or not and if it was accepted or declined, and why.
  • Negotiation tips: Candidates who received a job offer can also share details of the offer and any negotiation tactics they used or suggestions for others in the same situation.

Adding to the Glassdoor community features, users have complete control over how the Interviews section is categorized by selecting relevant keyword tags for each review and question submitted. This makes it easier to browse by job types and companies and sort by the most relevant interview questions (e.g., marketing, java, sales, brain teasers, etc.).

Anyone visiting Glassdoor can view all Interview Questions and Reviews for its seven “Sneak Peek” companies: Accenture; Cisco Systems; Deloitte; Google; JP Morgan Chase; Microsoft; and Yahoo. To see job interview reviews for other companies, a user must create an account using a valid e-mail address and contribute an anonymous interview review or a company review. Existing members who have previously completed a company review have immediate access to all Interview Questions and Reviews. However, to see all salaries and other compensation data for all companies beyond the sneak peeks, a user must also complete an anonymous salary survey for any job held within the past the years. Students who have no interview or work experience can still access Glassdoor data after requesting an account using an active .edu email address from

Glassdoor has received significant response from around the world since its public beta launch in June 2008. Today, more than 200,000 salary reports and reviews have been approved from users from 23,000 companies in more than 100 countries. By comparison, at launch, Glassdoor had about 3,000 salary reports and company reviews for 250 companies, highly concentrated in the technology sector in the United States. As with company reviews and salary reports, all interview reviews must adhere to Glassdoor’s Community Guidelines and are reviewed and approved by a Glassdoor team member before posting to the site.

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