Wages in Los Angeles (4.3%), San Francisco (4.0%), New York (3.3%) and Chicago (3.1%) meet or beat national average, while Houston (1.0%) lags

MILL VALLEY, CALIF. (November 29, 2016) – Today, the Glassdoor Local Pay Reports reveal median annual base pay in the United States grew 3.1 percent year over year in November to $51,372, which is the largest year-over-year increase since 2013. Up from 2.8 percent in October, Glassdoor’s November wage report provides more evidence of today’s strong labor market. The data comes as part of the new monthly compensation report from Glassdoor Economic Research, which provides salary estimates for nearly 40 industries and more than 60 job titles in the United States and five major metros: Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, New York City and San Francisco.

Wages in Los Angeles increased 4.3 percent year over year to a median base pay of $58,973 while pay in San Francisco grew 4.0 percent year over year to $65,280. New York City wages grew 3.3 percent to $60,168 and Chicago saw pay grow 3.1 percent during the same period to $55,872. While four of the five markets tracked by Glassdoor saw year-over-year growth rates rise from October, Houston wage growth decelerated to just 1.0 percent in November to $54,173.

The Glassdoor Local Pay Reports reveal a continued expansion for truck driver wages across the country. Truck drivers saw above-average wage gains with median base pay rising 5.3 percent from one year ago to $52,422 per year. Other blue-collar jobs that saw significant year-over-year wage growth in the U.S. include construction laborers (up 8.6 percent to $37,153) and machine operators (up 7.3 percent to $36,955).

Recruiter is another role that has experienced some of the nation’s most significant growth in wages, rising 7.6 percent year over year to a median base pay of $50,105 per year.

“With 3.1 percent wage growth in the U.S. — the fastest pace in three years — the Glassdoor Local Pay Reports provide even more evidence of a strong economy. That’s reinforced by the robust annual gains for in-demand roles like recruiters, which companies need to find and hire great people,” said Dr. Andrew Chamberlain, chief economist of Glassdoor. “In addition,we continue to see significant growth of truck drivers’ wages compared to last year, which is no surprise given the rising demand for a job that can’t yet be replaced by a machine.”

Despite the strong economy, some roles have experienced slow wage growth such as insurance agents and financial analysts — both of which are increasingly at risk of displacement by increased adoption of software and automation, according to Chamberlain. Insurance agents saw pay rise just 0.9 percent in the U.S. to $36,989 per year, while financial analysts saw wages grow just 0.7 percent to $61,831. And, although health care wages are rising fast in the U.S. for roles like pharmacy technician (6.1 percent) and registered nurse (4.6 percent), wages for medical technologist fell in November by 2.5 percent from a year ago to $51,117 per year.

The full data sets for the Glassdoor Local Pay Reports can be found on the Glassdoor Economic Research site, along with report methodology and Frequently Asked Questions.

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