Glassdoor’s Salary Estimates Provide Transparency For UK Job Seekers

More Than A Fifth Of Employees Didn’t Know The Salary When Applying For Their Last Job

London (2nd April, 2020) – Job seekers face a salary black hole when applying for jobs: more than a fifth of employees didn’t have an accurate idea of what salary was on offer when applying for their most recent job*. Consequently, 8 in 10 job seekers would prefer job ads to indicate an approximate salary. In response, Glassdoor, one of the world’s largest job and recruiting sites, and the best place to find insights into jobs and companies, has introduced Salary Estimates to job listings in the UK.

Salary Estimates display a range for annual base or hourly pay and are specific to job title, company, and location. They have been successfully used on Glassdoor job listings in the U.S. for a number of years and are now being brought to the UK market.

The UK’s Gender Pay Gap means women earn 82p for every £1 that men earn**. Glassdoor strongly believes in the power of salary transparency to create a level playing field for all employees. This is supported by over two-thirds (67 percent) of employees who believe having a greater insight into what they could be earning would make them more likely to negotiate the salary at job interviews or performance reviews, and 70 percent who believe salary transparency can help to reduce the gender pay gap.

John Lamphiere, Managing Director & VP of EMEA at Glassdoor, comments: “There is not only a clear societal need for more transparency over pay, but also overwhelming desire from job seekers for more information when it comes to what they can earn in different jobs. Glassdoor’s Salary Estimates were designed to help job seekers understand and earn a competitive salary, providing them with the information they need to assess which jobs are best for them to apply to.”

Greater Transparency = More Candidates

It’s not only employees who benefit from greater pay transparency. Employers can expect to see an uptick in applicants to their advertised roles if their job ads include an indication of the salary on offer; almost three-quarters (72 percent) of employees would be more likely to apply for a job that indicates an approximate salary.

Lamphiere continues: Details on salary/compensation packages is the number one piece of information that Glassdoor users want employers to provide when evaluating a job or employer***. Employers that offer pay transparency, not only during the interview process but from the moment a job ad is activated, will therefore experience greater reception to their roles.”

Glassdoor is the best destination for job seekers to find out what it’s truly like to work at companies, based on reviews left by those that know companies best – the employees. With details on salary and compensation so vital to job seekers when evaluating opportunities, Glassdoor is committed to helping drive pay transparency with Salary Estimates.


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Notes to Editors

Salary Estimates in job listings display a range for annual base or hourly pay and are specific to job title, company, and location. They do not factor in variable compensation, such as bonuses, commissions, tips, stock, benefits or other components. They also do not factor in years of experience. Salary Estimates are generated through recent user-generated salary reports for similar job titles at the company, its competitors and other employers for a specific location.


*Survey of 2,021 UK employees conducted by Censuswide, on behalf of Glassdoor, between 6th – 10th March 2020.

**Progress on the Gender Pay Gap 2019 

***Glassdoor U.S. Site Survey, November 2019

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