Pythons, Blood, Debt Collection: Glassdoor Unveils Spooky Job Roles

LONDON (29th October, 2019) Glassdoor, one of the world’s largest job and recruiting sites, has reviewed its millions of job listings and compiled a list of scary careers ahead of Halloween. Jobs include roles dealing with blood, dead animals, investigations and pythons.

Top 7 Spooky Jobs:


Haematologists deal with the cause, prognosis, treatment and prevention of diseases related to blood. They spend time on laboratory tests to produce and interpret the results of blood samples. They also care directly for patients and work very closely with other health professionals, advising them in hospital and primary care. 

Forensic Analyst

A forensic analyst will collect and analyse evidence from crime scenes or other investigations. Their role is to support the wider investigations team in uncovering the evidence needed to answer the question or solve the problem at hand.


Butchers are expected to have product knowledge of the animal or animals they are working with. They are responsible for ensuring accurate cuts, trims, bones, ties, and grinding of meats, using butcher’s cutlery and powered equipment, such as electric grinder and band saw. 

Pest Control Technician

From rats to bedbugs, Pest Control Technicians are responsible for identifying and dealing with all kinds of pests in residential and commercial locations. 

Python Developer

Nothing to do with snakes, a Python Developer is actually a technology role. Responsibilities include writing and testing code, debugging programs and integrating applications with third-party web services. 


Hackers aren’t always like the baddies you see in movies. In some cases, hackers are ‘ethical hackers’ meaning they work in IT security. Their role includes finding and attempting to exploit any vulnerabilities in a company’s IT infrastructure before the real hackers do. 

Debt Collections Agent

In a scary economy, a Debt Collections Agent may be a very scary person when turning up at someone’s door. They are responsible for collecting unpaid monies of accounts or individuals that may have fallen into arrears.

Joe Wiggins, Director at Glassdoor, comments: “We currently have a very healthy jobs market in the UK, with unemployment at a long-time low. What that means is we’re seeing a wide variety of job postings from employers looking for a real variety of experience and skills. Our Top 8 Spooky Jobs highlights some of the more interesting roles open to job seekers as we approach Halloween.”



Top 7 Spooky Jobs was determined based on open roles on Glassdoor on 13th September. The list does not reflect any order of importance or value.


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