At Glassdoor, our vision represents a bold commitment to fight for something bigger than ourselves. Each day, we want to be one step closer to a world where workplaces are equitable—and society is just. Here are just some of the things we’re doing to help us get there.

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Glassdoor’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Transparency Report

Glassdoor advocates for diverse, equitable and inclusive workplaces. To hold ourselves accountable, we publish our D&I employee workforce demographics, our goals, how we’re progressing towards these goals and our efforts to improve our programs, engagement and education related to driving change.

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Glassdoor’s Pay Equity Analysis

Glassdoor’s Economic Research Team conducts an annual pay equity analysis on Glassdoor’s own employee compensation as part of our continued effort to ensure that our pay practices are equitable. Our econ team independently looks for potentially inequitable pay practices across both gender and race/ethnicity.

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Our Product: Transparency to Drive Equity

Glassdoor CEO Christian Sutherland-Wong acknowledged Glassdoor must do more to help drive equity in society. Our biggest opportunity is in our product itself. To help, in September 2020, we launched new D&I product features to help create more equitable workplaces everywhere.

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Study: Measuring Gaps in D&I Satisfaction

Glassdoor Economic Research shows workers from different racial and ethnic groups disagree about the current state of workplace D&I, with Black or African American employees rating workplace D&I nearly 8% lower compared to white employees.

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2020 Survey: D&I Among Underrepresented Groups at Work

76% of U.S. job seekers and employees report a diverse workforce is an important factor when evaluating companies and job offers. So how do people really feel about the state of D&I at companies today?

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2019 Survey: D&I at Work Globally

3 in 5 U.S. employees have witnessed or experienced discrimination in the workplace, but why are these numbers so high? In fact, 42% have experienced racism in the workplace.

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Study: Should Employers be Cutting D&I Jobs when the Labor Market Suffers?

Glassdoor’s Economic Research team has found that during the COVID-19 crisis, D&I jobs at companies have been cut by 2x the rate as other jobs. With many employers saying they want more diverse and inclusive workplaces, what is going on and how are employees responding?

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Job Seekers: Diversity & Inclusion Tips & Advice

Finding a workplace where everyone can be their authentic self is important. We are consistently publishing the latest data, advice and guides to help everyone navigate diversity, inclusion and belonging at work.

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Employers: Supporting Diversity & Inclusion at Work

Cultivating a diverse, equitable and inclusive workforce is a complex and worthwhile pursuit. We publish the latest trends, advice and guides to help employers ensure they foster an inclusive culture that helps them recruit and retain diverse talent.

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Workplace Guide for LGBTQ Professionals

With our Workplace Guide, LGBTQ job seekers can find expert advice on navigating their job search, workplace and the unique experiences and challenges they encounter related to work.

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Giving Back to Underrepresented Groups

We believe our responsibility to promote and drive equity extends beyond just our employees and the workplace. Glassdoor’s volunteering and giving program, Community Door, is fully focused on addressing systemic barriers to employment that exist for underrepresented groups.

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