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1 In 5 Employees Report Office Perks An Important Workplace Benefit; Glassdoor Survey

From Google employees enjoying free gourmet food to General Mills employees raving about free dry-cleaning service, one in five (21%) employees say office perks (e.g., free food and drink, casual dress or a pet friendly office) are among the most important workplace benefits.

However, according to the Glassdoor Quarterly Employment Confidence Survey¹, employees in the West report they don’t value perks as highly as in other parts of the country, although the region is home to companies known for their office perks like Facebook and Twitter. In fact, one in four (25%) employees both in the Midwest and South say office perks are an important benefit compared to 18% of employees in the West and 14% in the Northeast. In addition, more women (24%) than men (18%) report that office perks are important.

While office perks are just one important benefit for employees, this quarter’s survey also reveals what other benefits are valuable to employees. It’s no surprise to see that the majority (76%) of employees say a medical plan and coverage is the most important benefit, outside of compensation and benefits.

Most Important Benefits For Employees:

What workplace benefits are most important to you?

¹ The Glassdoor Employment Confidence survey is conducted online by Harris Interactive on behalf of Glassdoor. The quarterly survey monitors four key indicators of employment confidence: salary expectations, job security, re-hire probability and company outlook. The Q2 13 survey also includes results on which benefits are most important to employees outside of salary and compensation, along with other results related to workplace benefits.