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10 Biggest Job Likes and Gripes of Employees

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Think no one gets what you like about your job or do you wonder if you are alone in your job gripes? Or perhaps you’re starting your job search and want some insight on what to look for when evaluating if a culture is good or if the downsides at a company are arguably normal?

To help answer these questions, we turned to the millions of company reviews on Glassdoor to find the answers. Every day employees are sharing company reviews and by doing so are offering up their experience with their job and company – the good, the bad and everything in between. We highlight below the most cited most “pros” or likes in this case and “cons” (or gripes) of jobs across industries and the globe.

10 Biggest Job Likes of Employees

1. Great Co-workers

2. Work Environment

3. Good Benefits

4. Interesting Work

5. Good Pay

6. Work-Life Balance

7. Flexible Work Schedule

8. Company Culture

9. Fast-Paced Environment

10. Smart People

10 Biggest Job Gripes of Employees

1. Annoying Co-workers

2. Poor Work-Life Balance

3. Poor Work Environment

4. Long hours

5. Low Pay

6. Management

7. Inflexible Work Schedule

8. Few Career Opportunities

9. Poor Company Culture

10. Few Training Opportunities

JOB SEARCH TIP: Before you begin researching jobs and companies, take a moment to determine what you want (and what you don’t want) in a new job and to peruse the lists above.  Spend some time thinking about what will make you truly happy in a new role at a new company and remember that even great companies have their downsides, and not so great companies can have their upsides.  Once you have these lists clearly defined in your head, write them down and keep them near you throughout your job search process.

Are you thinking about looking for a new job? What do you want most from a new job?

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