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10 Cool Office Spaces (2015)

Is cubicle life getting you down? Do you dream of sliding from one office to the next at work? If so, meet the offices that you’ll need to see to believe.

These 10 companies go above and beyond in providing cool functional yet unique spaces for their employees to work and play.

From an indoor slide to tabletop trivia games, check out ten of the hippest office spaces around. All photos are provided by employees shared on Glassdoor.

Quicken Loans

According to the employee who shared this photo, a repurposed bank vault now serves as a meeting room for the retail mortgage lender based in Detroit. See more Quicken Loans photos.



Work hard play hard. This indoor slide at TOMS makes the quirky retailer’s office practically a playground. See more TOMS photos.



Square’s San Francisco, CA office comes equipped with robots that allow remote employees to wheel around the office as well as attend meetings. See more Square photos.



AOL’s Dulles, VA office café sports simplistic, vibrant space-saving furnishings that fit neatly into the walls. See more AOL photos.



At Citrix’s Santa Clara, CA office, “The Server Room” is a place for designers to take a break from technology, recharge, and find some peace and quiet. The employee who shared this photo describes the room as the place “where creativity happens.” See more Citrix photos.



What would a beer headquarters be without a bar? Heineken employees have their own swanky bar to enjoy a draft at work. See more Heineken photos.


Red Frog Events

This outdoors-themed office comes complete with its own camper and rocking chairs to meet, strategize, or just catch up with a colleague. See more Red Frog Events photos.


Red Ventures

The campus landscape at Red Ventures includes fire pits, bocce ball courts, a putting green and lots of seating areas. See more Red Ventures photos.



You may remember the short animated film from Pixar featuring two desk lamps. In honor of this iconic film, one of the lamps now stands in front of one of the company’s offices, and even lights up at night. See more Pixar photos.


Riot Games

A typical office at Riot Games is usually filled with Rioters getting their game on whenever they need a quick break from work. See more Riot Games photos.


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