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10 Jobs In Demand That Pay $100k+

Are you looking to break into a profession that will have a promising return on your time? Career community Glassdoor combed through millions of active job listings to identify 10 of the most sought after professionals who are likely to earn a base salary of $100,000+.

10 Jobs In Demand That Pay $100k+*

Psychiatrist         $169,479

  Physician             $152,768

Dentist  $126,134

Sales Director     $119,758

Engineering Manager      $117,552

Pharmacist          $107,490

Tax Manager      $104,093

Product Marketing Manager         $103,633

  IT Manager         $101,244

 Lead Software Engineer  $100,585

*Salary represents average annual base pay; Based on at least 50 employee provided salary reports per job title.

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