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10 Jobs With the Biggest Pay Raises This Month

For the sixth month in a row, U.S. median base pay is seeing sluggish growth. In fact, according to Glassdoor’s Local Pay Reports, this month’s overall U.S. pay is only about 1.2 percent higher than it was at the same time last year, causing economists to question whether or not we’re on the verge of an economic slowdown. Given this, it’s more important than ever to make sure that the role that you’re in is projected to grow. After all, that annual pay raise you may have been counting on is now far from a sure thing.

The good news, though, is that there a handful of jobs that are bucking this trend. While other positions are seeing little to no (or even negative) salary growth, these positions have shown impressive year-over-year growth. Want to make sure you see a consistent bump in your paycheck? Consider applying to one of these jobs. 

1. Recruiter

Median Base Pay: $51,050

Year-over-Year Growth: 6.5%

What They Do: A recruiter’s job is to fill job vacancies with qualified candidates. They work to meet both the demands of the employer and the potential employee. Recruiters screen applicants to see if they meet the minimum requirements of the advertised job. They then review applicant’s’ credentials and assess their professional presence and social skills. It is up to recruiters to judge for both a professional and cultural fit.

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2. Barista

Median Base Pay: $24,336

Year-over-Year Growth: 6.4%

What They Do: Baristas prepare and serve drinks, typically tea or coffee, at cafes and restaurants. The ideal barista is someone who’s passionate about both coffee and treating customers with respect, compassion, and recognition.

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3. Restaurant Cook

Median Base Pay: $28,696

Year-over-Year Growth: 5.8%

What They Do: Cooks are responsible for preparing ingredients and assembling dishes according to restaurant recipes and the head chef. Since restaurant kitchens can be fast-paced, noisy and hot, restaurant cooks need to be able to work efficiently and under pressure to thrive.

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4. Bank Teller

Median Base Pay: $28,758

Year-over-Year Growth: 5.3%

What They Do: Bank Tellers are the employees who directly interact with customers at banks, counting and handling bills, cashing checks, and assisting in opening accounts. Ideal candidates have a high school diploma, mental math skills, and a penchant for customer service.

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5. Claims Adjuster

Median Base Pay: $51,220

Year-over-Year Growth: 4.8%

What They Do: Claims adjusters are responsible for investigating and handling all assigned claims by making timely contact to all involved parties to determine if any insurance benefits are due. From auto to health to life, insurance companies always need claims adjusters, so this role is in hot demand.

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6. Truck Driver

Median Base Pay: $51,351

Year-over-Year Growth: 4.3%

What They Do:  Heading out on the open road as a Truck Driver provides a solid salary with room for growth and the chance to explore the country from East Coast to West and everywhere in between. Who knew that being behind the wheel of a big rig offered so much opportunity?

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7. Delivery Driver

Median Base Pay: $38,680

Year-over-Year Growth: 4.3%

What They Do: The name says it all! Delivery Drivers are professionals who take goods from point A and deliver them to point B. With the rise of delivery services like Amazon, Instacart, Postmates and more, the job prospects for this field are growing fast.

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8. Pharmacy Technician

Median Base Pay: $30,543

Year-over-Year Growth: 3.9%

What They Do: If you’re passionate about healthcare, helping people, and running a business, this could be the position for you. Pharmacy technicians fill prescriptions and assist pharmacists with the everyday business of running a pharmacy.

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9. Warehouse Associate

Median Base Pay: $40,811

Year-over-Year Growth: 3.7%

What They Do: Perfect for those who can’t stand to be chained down to a desk, Warehouse Associates are on their feet handling incoming shipments and moving them to their proper location in a warehouse. They may also take inventory to ensure that stock doesn’t run too low on any essential items and operate machinery.

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10. Construction Laborer 

Median Base Pay: $39,945

Year-over-Year Growth: 3.7%

What They Do: Whether they’re building a cozy home for two or a twenty-story office building, Construction Laborers have the satisfaction of working with their hands and collaborating as a team. As a bonus, this position is a great stepping stone to Construction Project Manager, one of the Best Jobs in America for 2017!

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