10 Jobs With The Fastest Pay Growth This Summer

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Think that climbing the ladder towards a higher paycheck will take years? Think again!

Some of America’s most popular jobs have seen rapid pay growth over the past year, and show no signs of slowing down. According to Glassdoor’s Local Pay Reports which were released today, typical minimum wage jobs in the food services industry saw some of the most rapid year-over-year wage gains in June. In fact, Baristas (up 7.7 percent to $24,593) and restaurant cooks (up 7.2 percent to $29,025) saw pay gains in all 10 markets tracked by the reports.

“While baristas and restaurant cooks saw some of the fastest wage gains YOY, they are also among the lowest paid jobs we track. It is likely that recent minimum wage hikes in cities and states across the country have contributed to the growth our reports show for these jobs,” said Glassdoor’s Chief Economist Dr. Andrew Chamberlain.

Reflecting the country’s shift toward shopping online for everything from books to groceries, warehouse associates (up 4.9 percent to $41,442) and delivery drivers (up 4.3 percent to $38,660) are in demand, and these jobs experienced above average YOY pay growth in June.

Recruiter pay continues to rise quickly, up 8.4 percent in June to a median base pay of $51,585. “Companies rely more on recruiters to attract coveted talent as the U.S. reaches full employment, and this puts their skills in high demand,” said Chamberlain.

Jump on the wage growth bandwagon. Consider applying to one of these 10 jobs with the fastest wage growth this summer. You’re overdue for a raise!

1. Recruiter

Median Base Pay: $51,585
Year-Over-Year Growth: 8.4%
Details: Gone are the days when there were so many unemployed people that recruiters could easily find and place talent. Now, skilled recruiters who know how to score the best talent are in high demand by companies nationwide. “Great recruiters know how to find and entice the right candidates for open positions, it is something of an art. Having an eye for screening candidates and good judgment about who will or will not work for a position is becoming an increasingly valuable skill in a tight labor market,” says Chamberlain.

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2. Barista

Median Base Pay: $24,593
Year-Over-Year Growth: 7.7%
Details: Typical minimum wage jobs in the food services industry saw some of the most rapid YOY wage gains in June, especially for baristas. The ideal barista is someone who’s passionate about both coffee and treating customers with respect, compassion and recognition.

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3. Restaurant Cook

Median Base Pay: $29,025
Year-Over-Year Growth: 7.2%
Details: Like baristas, “It is likely that recent minimum wage hikes in cities and states across the country have contributed to the growth our reports show for restaurant cooks and baristas,” says Chamberlain.

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4. Claims Adjuster

Median Base Pay: $51,320
Year-Over-Year Growth: 6.6%
Details: Claims adjusters are responsible for investigating and handling all assigned claims by making timely contact to all involved parties to determine if any insurance benefits are due. From auto to health to life, insurance companies always need claims adjusters, therefore this is a role that is in demand.

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5. Customer Service Manager

Median Base Pay: $54,054
Year-Over-Year Growth: 6.4%
Details: As businesses like Lyft, Postmates and Instacart expand, customer service managers are vital to maintaining standards of excellence. Customer Service Managers drive continuous improvement in service delivery and member satisfaction and share customer insights with teams across a company to make it easier to do business.

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6. Bank Teller

Median Base Pay: $28,870
Year-Over-Year Growth: 6.2%
Details: With plenty of opportunities for advancement, bank telling is a helpful entry-level job in the field of banking. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, most tellers have a high school diploma and receive about 1 month of on-the-job training. Some banks do background checks before hiring a new teller.

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7. Warehouse Associate

Median Base Pay: $41,442
Year-Over-Year Growth: 4.9%
Details: “The growth of the Amazon supply chain, including the recent acquisition of Whole Foods, is no doubt contributing to the increase in demand for warehouse jobs and delivery drivers, leading to the growth in pay for these roles,” said Chamberlain.

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8. Maintenance Worker

Median Base Pay: $44,018
Year-Over-Year Growth: 4.8%
Details: With nearly 100,000 openings on Glassdoor, maintenance workers are a cross-industry, nationwide job making it a consistently in-demand career. General maintenance and repair workers often learn their skills on the job. They start by doing simple tasks and watching and learning from skilled maintenance workers.

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9. Pharmacy Technician

Median Base Pay: $30,696
Year-Over-Year Growth: 4.5%
Details: Pharmacy technicians are entry-level personnel who work in many different pharmacy settings within the health care industry. They assist pharmacists as their right-hand person in tasks ranging from stocking to medicine dispensing.

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10. Delivery Driver

Median Base Pay: $38,660
Year-Over-Year Growth: 4.3%
Details: According to recent reporting from Bloomberg News citing the American Trucking Association, the weight of freight carried by trucks is up by more than 30 percent in the U.S. since 2009. “The trade group has estimated there are 48,000 open jobs, a figure that’s expected to more than triple over the next decade.”

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