10 Oddball Interview Questions For Interns (Fall Edition)

Have you locked down an interview for an internship position for this Fall? If so, that’s good news. The bad news is that securing an interview is only half the battle. Now it’s time to prepare. Not only do you need to plan out what you’ll wear, when you’ll need to leave your house to get to the interview just a few minutes early and research who you will be meeting with, you also need to be ready to answer any question an interviewer throws your way.

To help get a leg up during your interview, Glassdoor has combed through thousands of interview questions intern candidates have shared over the past several months to highlight some of the toughest, most difficult and perhaps most unexpected interview questions.

Below is our ten of the Top Oddball Interview Questions for Interns for this Fall:

  1.  “What was your first AOL screen name?” – view answers. Asked at Red Frog Events. More Red Frog Events interview questions.
  2. “How do you rob a bank?” – view answers. Asked at Oliver Wyman. More Oliver Wyman interview questions.
  3. “How many ping pong balls fit into Gampel Pavilion?” – view answers. Asked at Aetna. More Aetna interview questions.                                                
  4. “How much do women in America spend on haircuts each year?” – view answers. Asked at More interview questions.
  5. “If you could have lunch with anybody, living or deceased, who would it be?” – view answers. Asked at IMG. More IMG interview questions.
  6. “How much would you bet for your answers to be correct?” – view answers. Asked at Jane Street Capital. More Jane Street Capital interview questions.
  7. “Describe what happened to cause the financial crisis, in a couple of minutes, as if you were telling it, to say, your grandmother.” – view answers. Asked at Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group. More Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group interview questions.
  8. “Given 999 distinct numbers between 1 and 1000, find one/two that is/are missing.” – view answers. Asked at More interview questions.
  9. “Would you say you learn a lot about a little, or a little about a lot?” – view answers. Asked at Stryker Communications. More Stryker Communications interview questions.
  10. “How many people in this city do you know? – view answers. Asked at Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance. More Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance interview questions.

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Have you had a recent interview? Share an interview review with your experience and any of the difficult or unexpected questions you were asked.